Tuesday, September 8, 2009

thats how they do it

Anita found herself alone in the library. For a moment, she hoped she might spot Sebastian around. But of course not. What was he really doing with Randy? She supposed he needed a friend, but Randy. Really?

She just wanted him to have fun at school. Find a date for the first school dance. Have a laugh at the first football seasonal. So many first came to mind. Of course, she wished her first had been better. She could at least wish someone's first to be better.

Anita went to work then. She heard giggling. That was when she saw she wasn't even Theresa's best friend. They were the girls who did the glamour modeling. Something Anita wasn't part of. Why did Theresa need that? Wasn't she engaged? She was that someone that Anita didn't know. Was Theresa changing or was this who she really was?

Anita decided to ignore them. She went back to the books. It was hard to keep busy with all the giggling. It pained her very much to have to witness how Theresa was around the others. Naturally, she was her bossy self. Everything had to be done her way. They spoke of going into Chester for a photo shoot. Theresa showed them all how she'd smile and pose.

"Don't forget to be leggy," she told them. "That's really what its about."

Anita just sighed. She couldn't wait to be away from them. She needed to be alone. Some time alone would do her good.


dapper kid said...

Aww poor Anita! She just needs to be positive and I'm sure she'll find people to be around :)

e.l. said...

I don't like Theresa.

Winnie said...

I'm sure Anita will find friends that are more appreciative of her!

Cait said...

I hope she won't do anything rash.