Friday, September 4, 2009

sweet life

Randy was still in a dizzy mood from spending the night with Sebastian. He'd never had anything like it.

He so wanted to know if it was as good for Sebastian as it was to him. He could only hope. Really, it had been so adventurous and playful. He wanted to feel of the weight of Sebastian on him. Pressing so close.

Randy winced about it as he thought of him. It was amazing to find Sebastian in the commons. He had his head in a book, naturally on the comfy couch. It was so inviting, Randy could hardly stand it as he squeezed in next to him.

"You want to come over after school?" He whispered in Sebastian's ear.

Sebastian shivered ever so slightly and his subtle grin slipped.

"Then its a yes." He laughed in Sebastian's ear.

When the bell rang everyone flew down the halls. However, Sebastian was quiet and they walked out slowly as if they had plenty of time to get to Randy's house. There was even a slight waver between them with Sebastian's knuckles touched his. He so wanted to grab his hand.

"Is there something you're not telling me?" Randy barely said. He wasn't sure he wanted to know. It had been beautiful to him, and he didn't want it ruined now.

Sebastian just shook his head.

"You just don't want anyone to know, do you?"

Sebastian hugged his books harder as if there would be no chance of holding hands on their walk to his flat at the brownstone.

"Mum's out," Randy informed him when they got there, but he was pretty sure Sebastian would know that. Why else would he have come. "Do you want some crisps? A Juice?"'

They went to the kitchen first and Sebastian just watched as Randy laid out the goodies. Even a few cookies in the bread tin. Sebastian picked up a sandwich cookie and nibbled on it. Randy so loved to watch him.

Randy grabbed the drinks and Sebastian took the bag of cookies.

"Come on," time was wasting. There was so much more to do than just hang around in the kitchen.

Immediately, Sebastian threw himself on the bed as if he knew what this was really about. He smiled up at Randy as he got comfy on the pillow. It was as if the kissing picked up where it had left off. Such a mad rush. It pleased Randy who really wanted to know how Sebastian felt about him. He was like a rock for Sebastian.

"I really made that happen?" Sebastian smiled as if it pleased him when he noticed how hard something was in Randy's pants.

"What about you?" Randy smiled wanting to check it out.

Sebastian looked away then as if he didn't want to talk about it, but Randy had to know. He unbuttoned Sebastian's uniform and pushed inside to have a feel.

Randy smiled as he kissed Sebastian with delight. It was mutual.


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I wasn't expecting that. But cool.

blue hearts said... does this mean what I think it means?

Anonymous said...

Ya, I do read Ivyoaks even if I don't always comment. I think it's a good blog :)You're leaving me wondering with this post.

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Oh boy. So, is, will, no, could it, uhm. I'm confused. HAHA