Wednesday, September 30, 2009

a slow go

"Bullocks." Maxie rose up on his elbows. How long had he been out next to Simon. He was naked, too. So was Simon.

Maxie squinted hard trying to remember. Now his head just throbbed as he laid down on his pillow.

They'd been out most of the day leaving flyers, talking to people about Katy. It had been all a fine start and everything felt as if it was going somewhere. They came back to the hotel for a drink. And a fine drink it was. They'd started out talking about how it had been. How Simon used to feel about Josh. How much he seriously missed im. How sad it would be never to be, again.

"I'll never love anyone." Simon had decided.

"Don't say that," Maxie remembered telling him. And that was about all he remembered.

"Simon," he nudged him. "You awake?" He didn't want to say anything about it. It was probably just sad. Very much so. He was sure Simon was only consoling him. Maybe he was consoling Simon. It was best not to discuss it. After all it was early morning.

"What?" Simon sounded as if he might be sick.

"Oh, its nothing. Not really." Maxie sighed.

Simon squinted then looking at him.

"My head." Simon squinted putting his hands over his eyes.

"Yeah, fuck'n sick." Maxie struggled to get up. "I wish I could remember."

"You don't?" Simon looked at him.

"No, do you?"

Simon shook his head, no and laid back on his pillow.

"I miss Katy as much as you miss Josh." Maxie promised with a nudge.

"I know." Simon wouldn't look at him.

"So we're all right?"

"Yeah, of course." Simon said so dully.

"OK, we gotta get back out there. See this through. We gotta find Katy, we have too." Maxie squinted when he got up to find his clothes. Really, it would be a slow go. But they had to keep going.


e.l. said...

oh could they???

Winnie said...

Oh noo....

Cait said...

Maybe its not that bad..they must stay on the case.

elliestories said...

They need to sleep it off.