Saturday, September 26, 2009

sky's the limit

"The pills are really great if you save a bunch of them," Mia smiled at Anita who was waiting for her out in the garden.

Anita didn't know what she was talking about. By the looks of her, Mia must have had an eating disorder. She was a waif of a girl who looked almost scary frail.

She giggly so sweetly than and moved on into the flowers as if she might be a butterfly.

"You can't be that bad off," Mia looked back at her. "You should talk more at the group sessions. Use your imagination." Her eyes lit then as she stared back at Anita.

"But I hate it here." Anita winced.

"You have to learn to enjoy yourself more," Mia sighed as she came around from behind Anita then. She took her hand and smiled. Mia seemed to know a place out past the field of wild flowers, up that hill where the big tree stood like a statue.

Anita had never ran so hard in her life. Mia was much stronger than she looked. They were both out of breath when they got there. Mia pulled out a baggie of pills from her bra.

She plopped down on the grass and looked up at Anita.


Anita supposed she could sit down for a bit. After all they were both in comfy gray track suits.

Mia handed her a hand full of pills from the bag. Anita looked at them knowing what to do. Don't take them, she said to herself.

"Don't be a nark." Mia fretted. Mia was watching. Anita had no choice but to take them.

Mia fed herself a handful too as if they might as well have been M&M's but there was no chocolate to savor. Mia laid down then and put the baggie back in her bra.

"Come on." She told Anita, patting the grass down for her so she could lay down next to her. Anita did as she asked. "Now we'll see where the sky will take us."


Winnie said...

Is that a pic of Erika Toda? She is so pretty!

I do hope Anita realises that Mia has a problem!

e.l. said...

Can things just go bad to worse for Anita?

I like Erica Toda.

elliestories said... might be even more far gone than we think.

blue hearts said...

Will Anita ever be normal again?

cass and cady said...

Mia is a little scary.

past the point said...

This could be wild.