Saturday, September 19, 2009

sibling problem

Katy's brother, Warren, had found her.

"What do you want with me!" She hadn't expected that he'd find her on her honeymoon. Of all places, Spain. It was baffling to her. "Aren't you dead, or something?"

"Katy, aren't you happy to see me?" He was so devilish with his grin. It was as if she was suppose to know how it really was. "You belong to me, remember?"

She wanted to tell him she didn't. She wanted to tell him that he was not a part of her life, anymore. He never would be. He needed to go. But he'd grabbed her hand so harshly, muffled her screams even, and it shocked her he'd whisked her way so quickly in a crowded room while Maxie was in the bathroom.

"I don't. I never was yours." She gave him a soured look. Of course, she'd been the one in the hospital. His doing. No less. All those years ago. She wanted to forget him. He was so deranged. Evidently, it hadn't changed. Hollyoaks, might have remembered him so dashing and such a bad boy. Well, he was the bad boy. The bad man, as far as she was concerned. If she had a warped life, it was his doing. His doing. "I don't want you in my life!" He'd pulled her into a back alley.

"Why, Katy, why!"

"Please, Warren! You have to let me go." Katy fought back. "I want my own family. I can never love you the way you want me too!" She hated to say what he was. He needed to stay invisible to her. Completely. She reached for a brick then as he dragged her deep into the dark alley. It was there in the blackness, she beat at him with the brick, hoping he'd let go of her soon.


Sharon Rose said...

Hi there-hope you are well and thanks for stopping by too-have a good weekend!

e.l. said...

Really frightening! hope she gets away.

10 things i hate fan fic said...

wooo..did not think that would happen. hope she got away.

cass and cady said...

I hope she's not hurt. I really feel for Katy.

Meg said...

Scary! I hope she is ok. He seems crazy!