Wednesday, September 2, 2009

perking up

Sebastian hated the way he felt about this, whatever it was with Anita. It was true, he didn't really have a chance with her. But there she was looking at him as if she was banking on him for something. What, he didn't know.

It was the first day of school and honestly, he felt not quite together. Even if Jamie had promised him he did. He'd given him a kiss on the cheek and promised him, he'd do just fine. Of course, it would be nice to know what he was doing.

Why hadn't he noticed how smashing the uniforms were? Well, at least he was impressed with the leggy-look. Of course, those were put a stop to, once the Head mistress saw who was doing it. Not so much to watch then, and of course, Randy.

He couldn't put him off. Not today. They'd have time to figure out the other stuff. Perhaps, it would just go away after Randy met up with his old mates, but as it was he stuck by Sebastian's side through most of the day. At least there was Anita at lunch.

"Sorry, if I was behaving badly," he finally said once they got a moment from the crowd. As it was, it looked as if she needed a friend. Naturally, Theresa was off having various boys wait on her. "You know how the first day is, you want to make an impression."

"And did you?" She looked at him seriously.

"Dunno." He scowled. "At least, no one's called me a Frenchie yet. I figured as much."

"And you and Randy?" She waited for more.

"What about us?" He winced.

"Whats going on?" She fumed.

"Just mates." He squinted hard then.

Randy was off at the moment getting a salad.

"So what did you two, do, after the wedding?" She went back to her chicken salad sandwich.

"You know, the usual." He shrugged digging into a bag of crisps. "What did you do with Theresa?" Sebastian looked over at the queen who was obviously on a round of applause by now.

"Just, you know, catching up." Anita shrugged.

"Catching up? I wonder what that could mean?" Sebastian smirked. He picked up his tray then not wanting to waste another second of listening to Anita say another word about Theresa.

"Well, toodles." He gave her a silly wave and went on his way.

Just why was he being so evasive? He hadn't meant to, but he was. It felt to him some things just couldn't be stopped once they were set in motion.

Simon's thoughts


Jared said...

Seems something is going on. But there's always a happy ending...Right?

Thanks for the info and Em is back.

elliestories said...

I gotta wonder what Sebastian will do.

sid and violet said...

somebody might be happy somewhere..I guess time will tell.

Cait said...

Sebastian, why does he have to be this way. Can't he just be her friend?