Monday, September 14, 2009

more than a mood

Maxie wasn't near as worried about his sunburn at the beach as much as Katy. Perhaps they'd relax more if they had some authentic Spanish cuisine. He was most interested in it. Maybe he'd spice up his own menu back at the Oaks.

They were having a fine time. Everything felt so sweet now. Perhaps cheesy to some extent. But they were just married and had a baby on the way. It was lovely. It was as if the sun shined on them in every-way. Such a picture perfect time. Maxie couldn't think of anything more perfect than this honeymoon.

No thought of Jamie, even. Which was a relief. That was done with, wasn't it? Of course, they'd have to go back sometime soon to the boarding house. Jamie would be there. He didn't want to think of it. It was like a dreaded infestation of some sort when it came to Jamie. Maxie was aware of it now. He wanted nothing to do with him. Nothing.

He left for the bathroom, relieved himself and washed his hands. Maxie smiled at himself in the mirror. They were on their way. On their way to something beautiful. It already was, in fact.
He sighed then drying his hands and on his way back to table in the crowded bistro. But as he made his way out. He couldn't remember which table. It was thick with people. Like a concert, perhaps. But everyone was here for the fish. He guessed. Fish, causing so much of a crowd. Unbelievable.

He looked for Katy. But no one matched her description. She was the one who had that special glow. She was lovely in white with the bit of a baby bump. It made him happy to think of her. But where was she? Someone else had taken their table. What the fuck?

It struck a breathtaking panic deep inside Maxie. Where was she?


ellie said...

that was not what I was thinking.scary.

Cait said...

I hope she's around there somewhere.

dapper kid said...

He seems to be having the most perfect time, I hope this isn't a sinister turn!

cass and cady said...

doesn't sound good.

selena st.john said...


i've changed my url so i'm just commenting here, so that you can just go to my blog through my profile!



ps: i really hope she's found. this isnt sounding good :S!!