Tuesday, September 15, 2009

its everywhere

Jamie sat there in the waiting room wondering what he could possibly do during all this with baby Risa. True, he was partly to blame. He thought of what Sebastian had said only an hour or so earlier after Sasha left their flat.

He'd been concerned about Sebastian. How he'd left so suddenly for his room. Did he know about he and Sasha? Was it that obvious?

"Hell, yeah." Sebastian began as if he was nailing it bit by bit into Jamie's coffin. "I know what you are." Sebastian winced at him so grimly in tears. "Wanker! I'll never be you. Never!" Sebastian didn't want to have a thing to do with him. "How could you? Her, of all people. Sasha! Don't tell me it was her doing. Because I know what you did to Katy. I KNOW! Yeah, my dad, that filthy old wanker, that's what you'll be known for. Couldn't keep it in his pants, now could he?" Sebastian's words bled through Jamie's brain as he felt a coldness come over him like a poison. "I'll never ever be you. I will do my damnedest to never- You have no idea! What it would be to remain true to just your one and only love. Your one and only!"

Jamie felt himself flinch. Sebastian's attitude astonished him. It felt so real. He meant every word. Jamie had not felt quite so horrible in a very long time. He closed his eyes tight. What could he do now? How could he make it up to Sebastian. Even Sasha. And what of Katy now. And all he really wanted was Maxie. Deep down. Maxie. If only.

He shook his head, and found himself praying. Praying for what? He hadn't a clue. His eyes suddenly open when he heard a code of some kind ringing through the hallway. He hoped it had nothing to do with Sasha's baby.

No, nurses and equipment were heading toward the door. They were bringing in someone. When they raced by, he saw it was Rhys. Unconscious. Blood everywhere.


em said...

So much suspense.

Meg said...

Wow! I hope Rhys is ok and I hope Sebastian and Jamie can patch things up!

Cait said...

Sounds very tragic.

elliestories said...

Terrible about Rhys.