Thursday, September 24, 2009

I know you are

"Well, we do need a few good shelvers for the job," Newt said hugging himself there in the stacks of the library. There were cart loads of books to move.

Sebastian looked at Randy. They both smiled.

"Anita is out ill. Oh, and Lauren, that's a lost cause," Newt squinted. "I'm not sure who all else works here because I just come in at night. Your Dad, right?"

"Not anymore," Sebastian shook his head. "He's in PR or something."

"Well, you two look capable enough. As it is, I'm in the middle of class trying to resuscitate dummies, so I'm not much help every night like I used too." Newt sighed. "You up for it then?"

Sebastian nodded so did Randy.

"How come so many people love the library, anyway?" Sebastian wondered. "Its not a pub."

"Thank god. That's all we need drunks puking on our books," Randy said.

"Its your Dad's doing. He says jump and people jump to the library. I guess. He's been insisting on keeping the overdues under a quid a week and more computers for the less fortunate to use in facilities." Newt told him.

Sebastian sighed as Newt showed them the carts they could start with, Mysteries and Science Fiction.

"See, maybe he's not quite the wanker you think he is," Randy joked.

"Whatever." Sebastian knew what he saw. He hadn't told Randy much, but he gave Randy a sour look. "I don't want to talk about him."

"Does he do anything these days but take care of that baby?" Randy question.

"No. He spends all his time with Risa." Sebastian squinted.

"He hasn't forgotten about you, completely." Randy said.

"I don't care."

"I know you do." Randy had to get in the last word before they went off to put in a few hours of shelving.


colin gray said...

cool..they got jobs..together.

cass and cady said...

I do think maybe Randy is a good influence on Sebastian.

dapper kid said...

He obviously does care! And I think they'll make quite the team working together.

Cait said...

those books always need to be put away at the lib.