Tuesday, September 1, 2009

the first day of school

It was the first day of school and no Lauren.

Anita got a phone call from her the night before. They were on their way. Maybe. She told her then that she could keep the room and keep her job. She wasn't sure if she wanted it, anymore.

Honestly, Anita had had enough at the library. Even enough of Theresa. Naturally, she envied Lauren who was off having an adventure with her life. Here she was getting ready to hit the books.

Anita felt tired just thinking about it. She wondered how she'd be around Theresa too.

Yes, since Sebastian wasn't waiting for her, she'd gone back to her room, and it had been very easy to fall into anything with Theresa. In spite of knowing, Theresa would possibly ignore her today or any other, sporting that impressive engagement ring of hers, she'd let Theresa spend the night.

Now she felt more blue than ever. Obviously, it meant nothing to Theresa. Anita supposed she kept everything casual, didn't she? She tried not to imagine it now. Wanting to think it was nothing when it was something. Especially, in her thoughts. Thoughts that felt torn now between lust and love she, supposed. She just wished her friendship with Sebastian had been more important.

Anita got in her uniform quickly and made it to the empty kitchen. She hadn't expected it. She'd forgotten Sebastian and Jamie had moved to the attic, their own little apartment. Quickly, she hurried up the stairs hoping she hadn't missed Sebastian.

"He must have left without you," Jamie looked her over as if he knew. He knew she wasn't being the friend Sebastian needed. She could sense it.

"Did he leave alone?" She looked at Jamie as if he could at least give her an inkling.

"Dunno." Jamie was being more bitter than usual. He shut the door in her face.

Anita let out a sigh and went on her way. She caught up with him who looked so sleek and stylish in his uniform. What ever made him such a looker? From behind he looked like a girl and honestly, she liked that about him.

"Why didn't you come and get me?" She asked.

He slowly turned her way and looked at her out of the corner of his eye.

"Was I suppose to?" He was so cold. It was as if Jamie had injected something evil into his juice.

"Yes, its your first day. You said-"

"Things change, now don't they?" He kept in step. She tried her best to walk aside of him.

"What changed?" She looked at him seriously.

His sly smile stayed with her. Just then Randy caught up with him and looked at Sebastian as if they had a secret.

"What's going on?" Anita winced.

"Is there anything going on?" Sebastian looked at Randy.

"No, not that I know of." Randy shook his head.

Sebastian gave him a grin. Randy grinned back. Anita gave them both a hard scowl. Anita walked on.

"What was that about?" She heard Randy ask Sebastian.

"I have no idea." Sebastian sighed.

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aiLee920 said...

hello there, just doing my daily rounds...
interesting post by the way... i also updated mine, care to visit?

ivy's closet said...

Sebastian giving her the cold shoulder!

the oaks said...

he's so mysterious!

e.l. said...

wonder what he's up too?

Winnie said...

Sounds like Anita is not having a good day..

Jared said...

What's he doing??? Poor Anita, hope things start getting better for her.

It's been written for a while. Just waiting on Em. She said she would tonight.

the oaks said...

well..when she went to see Theresa at the wedding, Sebastian decided to got drinking with Randy..and things changed.

Meg said...

I feel bad for Anita, but she should stay away from Theresa!