Wednesday, September 23, 2009

a barren landscape

Jamie was just frazzled. As it was, he was left with baby Risa to take care of. It had been hell from the get go with Sasha and Rhys. He so wanted to pity himself. Sebastian was hardly around to help. He was always off with his best mate, Randy as of late. It just didn't seem possible to get a grip on this. But he was managing. Maybe.

Sasha was on the brink of a coma, and Rhys had a few set backs with the mishap when he got hit by the Taxi he was trying to flag down to take to the hospital. It just didn't seem feasible. Practically a goner, hanging on by a thread in a hospital bed hooked up to life support. What if he never came around now? What if Sasha didn't pull through, either?

He'd lost track of time, but shouldn't Katy and Maxie be home by now from their trip? Or had he forgot all this that Simon had told him already about Maxie being in jail. It was so muddled. It felt like a nightmare he was going in circles in.

"I don't know what's the matter." He'd told Franny when she came over to check up on Risa who was actually blooming in such a dark scenario with her parents in the hospital. And Rhys mother was far more concerned with Rhys than wanting Risa in her care.

"You heard nothing, from either of them?" Franny looked concerned too. She'd heard nothing from Katy, but then she'd spent a good portion of her free time with Sasha at the hospital.

"Perhaps, you missed a phone call." Jamie hoped. "Maybe they're so in love they decided to stay a while longer." Or, had he forgot she was missing. Did he not want to think of her missing. Maybe he knew the answer to that too, but had forgotten.

"Lets hope." Franny smiled. He hated to see her go. Really, he felt so alienated now. Just after she left his cell rang. It was Simon.

"They may have taken Maxie hostage," Simon began. "Its horrible, Jamie. Maxie can't find Katy and the police took him in to custody."

"That's ridiculous!" Jamie couldn't believe it. Hadn't they had this conversation before? Maybe this was a dream. Why didn't he have the answers he wanted?

"There's been a mix up. I'm sure of it." Simon told him.

"Maxie would have never hurt Katy." Jamie was certain. Would he? Had he? Jamie was certain now he didn't know anything going on...or did he?

"I know, do you think you should go?" Simon wondered.

"I have my hands full with nappies and poo," Jamie said. Reality kicked in. "I can't. Not with Sasha and Rhys in the hospital." Jamie hung up then. He sat back on his sofa, closing his eyes, just what sort of hell was he putting himself through. It wasn't long until he heard baby Risa's cries. He knew he had to tend to her. He was all she had to depend on.


aiLee920 said...

hello... just doing my daily rounds... just to let you know, i will be less active, because I already have classes again. but i will still open my blog everyday, and maybe see your updates, but leaving a note will be lessened.

selena st.john said...

aww, poor jamie.

it's been going pretty well. Cannot wait for teh next post!


for sure!


thanks so much for your message!

Winnie said...

Poor Jamie, hope he manages to cope with it all.

cait said...

maybe its all just a dream.

e.l. said...

I have my hands full with nappies and poo...priceless!