Sunday, September 6, 2009

back in Randy's room

They shared a smoke afterwards. After their moment of knowing just how happy they could make each other. Of course, they hadn't really undressed. They just looked casually a wreck in their clothes as Sebastian opened a juice and shared it with Randy.

Honestly, it was exciting to find someone who really wanted him like Randy did. It didn't have to do a thing with gender, but something deeper. Knowing someone was fascinated by him. Sebastian just couldn't get that out of his head. The need to feel wanted.

"So its nice with your mum?" Sebastian nodded.

"Its OK." Randy shrugged. "We get along well." It was quiet then. There was a noise from out in the hallway. It almost made Sebastian jump from the bed. "You hear that cackling in the stairwell?" They listened as laughter filled behind the walls.

Sebastian nodded.

"That's me, real mum." Randy stared at Sebastian. "Not the one I live with. Probably has another footballer wrapped around her finger. She claims to be my aunt, but I've seen the papers. I know who she really is."

"Does anyone know?" Sebastian felt important somehow that Randy had shared this information with him. "That you know?"

Randy shook his head.

Sebastian had never felt such sadness for anyone. He wasn't quite sure why it made him happy too. That he knew this about Randy. He looked at Randy with such fondness. It was as if he could relate to him, completely.

Sebastian put out the cigarette then and stared into Randy's intense eyes. He touched his face and drew him in. He kissed him as if he meant so much more to him now.


e.l. said...

wow..dead romantic. =D

simon n josh said...

I love what you said.

cait said...

Deep..I love his sensitivity.

billy and elliot said...

I can't wait for more.

Winnie said...