Wednesday, August 26, 2009

what about us

It came to Sebastian attention some time ago that Randy had his eye on him. He wanted him. Plain and simple. There were a few things one catches on to when you live with men who are in love with each other. Sebastian got the hint. He didn't let it show that he knew. After all, Randy was Anita's friend. And he was the awkward sort. Kind of giddy, yet staying true to his nature. He was in love with the idea of boys.

Sebastian wasn't amused, but he wouldn't be horrible to Randy, either. He could very well see what an outcast he was to his mates, and it sadden him too. It had happened to him on many occasions. He hated their attitude. Why was it like that at school?
Randy came along with Anita and Sebastian a time or two to see a band or just for a drink. They even took a train into the city once just to look around and see the sites. It had been OK. He didn't hate Randy. Perhaps they were friends. They chatted when they met up.

Really, he liked skateboarding with Randy the most. He was quite good and Sebastian had even learned some from him. Honestly, Sebastian knew he wasn't the most outdoor person, and it was nice that Randy hadn't laughed at him as of yet.

At the moment though, Sebastian was on his third glass of wine as he nibbled on the meal of shrimp.

"She isn't coming back, is she?" Sebastian looked at Randy, seriously.

"Probably not." Randy shrugged.

"Then shall we get out of here?" Sebastian drank up then. He had his eye on a fresh bottle of wine. He grabbed some smokes on the way too as Randy followed him toward the woods.



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cass and cady said...

wow..this should be good.

e.l. said...

what could happen!!!

Cait said...

oh so randy!