Wednesday, August 12, 2009

the troubling thought

Anita didn't know where the notebook had went. She couldn't think of it going very far. Of course, she didn't want Fletch to find it. She could see him having a laugh with Lauren over it.

It wasn't under the bed. Where had she left it? Perhaps it was in a hidden place in her things. When had she seen it last?

The cutting had been on her mind. Really, she knew she didn't need to do it. It was stupid. It was so unlike her. She'd never do it again. Never.

Except she'd put the special razor in alcohol and cleaned to be prepaired for another time. Just in case. She might need it. It was in a plastic case. Small enough to keep in her purse. It was there just for those moments when it would come in handy.

Then her cell rang. It was Theresa. She was at the beach.

"You should come." She was full of laughter. "My tan is so great."

"Good." Anita sounded indifferent. "Anything else."

"I miss you, terribly." Her silly giggle didn't sound regretful.

"I doubt that."

"You sound different?" Theresa told her.

"Nothing has changed. Just work. I work as many hours as possible." Anita told her.

"What a pity? Anything new going on?" Theresa sounded a wee concerned.

"Not really." She could mention Sebastian, but she didn't. As it was, he wasn't coming around. Maybe he'd gone back to Paris.

She hated that the phone call had been so unsettling. Anita got out the razor. She supposed she'd need a warm wash cloth to help with her little episode. Really, it was like a drug some how. She didn't have to be in the bathroom to do it.

Alfie talks to Colin


e.l. said...

Oh..Anita, you must stop.

Meg said...

Oh no! I hope someone can help her out of this destructive behavior!

taffy. said...

kill theresa!

blue hearts said...

I don't know what to think of Anita, but I think she has to stop obessing about Thresea. She needs to find someone new. Maybe Sebastian.