Saturday, August 22, 2009

today is the day

The laughter stopped as soon as Franny saw Sasha with her baby. Franny and Katy were up in Katy and Maxie's room.

"How are you?" She remained so serious then. "Is she being good?"

"She's lovely." Sasha nodded.

"I suppose you want to see him, don't you?" Byron was in an old fashioned carriage just behind the bed. He was sleeping on his back. His lashes were so thick, and he had such a beautiful head of hair. A hint of red to it. Sasha told her he made her think of Rhys, immediately. It was silent for a bit then.

"So today is the day?" Sasha smiled. The wedding was so last minute and their were white dresses about. Perhaps not official wedding dresses, but summery enough.

"Yes." Franny nodded.

"Maxie got a steal on the cake. The Bedford's wedding is off so we took the cakes for a fraction of the cost. He just has to scrape their names off, but I don't think its that noticeable. And besides everyone wants a good drink, now don't they?" Katy was all giddy and smiles.

"I suppose." Sasha nodded.

"I think Colin is bringing everyone he can find from the pub over. It'll be crowded. I hope we'll be ready for it. Supposedly, he's bringing dinner and all the wine we can consume. Says its the least he could do." Katy told her. "Me thinks, he's fine with Maxie taking over his fatherly duties with Tristan."

"It sounds it must be all wrapped up." Sasha shrugged.

"Well, you and Rhys will be there, won't you?" Franny nodded.

"Oh, I dunno. Are you sure?" Sasha squinted.

"Of course, Cecil won't mind. Really." Franny assured her.

"All right." Sasha sighed taking one more look at the baby.

Sou & Ian


aiLee920 said...

now that i read this post...
im craving for cake again...

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

You are a very good writer! Maybe you should think of writing a book or something...


ellie said...

I'm sure Sasha and Franny are going to still be great friends.

past the point said...

I think it would have taken some time to get used to this..with the kids and all...especially, having the same Dad.