Monday, August 24, 2009

such bliss

Sebastian had to admit it. He felt closer to Anita far more than he ever thought possible. He so wished he could find his way to her bed every night. But he didn't because of course, he liked being alone in his own room in the morning when only one thing was on his mind. It gave him a grin now as he thought of her so lovely at the wedding. Finally, she had something to dress up for.

He was in a suit and tie, as well. He didn't feel quite right in it even if he had Randy to straighten out the lapels and shoulders for him ever so often. When the ceremony was over he took off the stiff jacket and loosen his tie. It was after all, time for the games to begin. He got in line with Anita and Randy and they found themselves a table with a bottle of wine to share.

"Isn't it just the best?" Randy laughed pouring wine for the three of them.

"The best." Sebastian stared at Anita who cracked up at the look he gave her, evidently.

"What?" Sebastian winced.

"Look who's here." Anita looked past him and pointed. It was Theresa and she was alone. Sebastian tried not to scowl.

"Isn't she lovely." He said sarcastically, seeing her in the flesh for the first time.

"What? Don't you like her?" Randy sipped his wine as they watched Anita run off to talk with her.

"I don't know her." Sebastian downed his glass of red wine and poured himself another.

almost there


aiLee920 said...

wow, what a beautiful scene!

Anonymous said...

Oh but he should know her!

ellie said...

he might be a wee bit evil..taking after Jamie..hahahaaa..

cass and cady said...

oh Sebastian!

aiLee920 said...

thanks for the compliment...
and you are much welcome!!!
take care!

Cait said...

Is he going to get drunk.