Thursday, August 6, 2009

out on the rooftop

Sebastian took in Uncle Colin's flat. It was the top floor of the Black Cat, and they were having dinner on the roof top. It was a nice evening. He walked through their vegetable garden, eyeing fresh tomatoes and cucumbers. There was even egg plant.

"So what have you been up to since you've been here?" Kelsy asked.

"Not much." He then remembered his episode in the Black Cat. He guessed his uncle must have known who he was. How was that possible? "I've had the chocolate sundaes at the Black Cat."

"Really? Colin hasn't let me in on those because he knows I'd order one everyday," she smiled. "I love ice cream." She patted her stomach.

Sebastian would never know. She looked quite fetching to be pregnant which he found a bit shocking, and it made him all the more nervous just what to say to her.

She let out a little laugh then. Sebastian wasn't sure why. Kelsy grabbed his hand and placed it on her baby bump. It seemed to be quite strange. As if perhaps he was invading someone's space. But the kick came hard and furious.

Sebastian's eyes lit. He'd never felt anything quite as powerful nor as wonderful. Well, maybe Anita's lips on his, but this made him smile. He was part of a real family now.

Just then he overheard Colin and Jamie talking at the grill where Colin was tending to some steaks.

"I knew who he was instantly," Colin told Jamie. "He looks so much like mother. He has her eyes. Her face. It was uncanny."

"I suppose." Jamie shrugged. "I really haven't thought of her for sometime."

They were talking about their mother, but Sebastian wished they'd talk about his own. No one ever spoke of her.

Kelsy talks to Gemma


ellie said...

I feel sad for Sebastian not knowing his Mom.

Sharon Rose said...

Poor Sebastian, he sounds sad at the moment.

dapper kid said...

I'm glad Sebastian can spend some time with them all. And aww how sad.

taffy. said...

aww, sebastian. it's good he has a family. i wonder what's up with his mother?

taffy. said...
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the oaks said...

its a little twisted with the Sebastian's story..naturally. Jamie is actually his brother. They have the same mother. Its just his Dad (in France) always told him..he was his brother (because he was really young when he was born) instead & his Dad was Jamie's boyfriend, a very cruel love triangle.

Meg said...

I feel bad for Sebastian. I hope he is able to fit in with this family.

Cait said...

Its so bitter sweet for him. I do like him. Can't wait to know more about him.