Thursday, August 20, 2009

of course we can

Franny knew Cecil was upset when she told him she didn't want to get married at the Black Cat pub.

"You just don't want to marry me." Cecil was suddenly cold as if he really didn't mean a thing to her. She was after all, quick to recover from having Byron. She'd be back to work next week.

"Honestly, you don't believe that do you?" She was hurt that he'd think this was something that came and went like a freak of nature. "I want to be your wife. Just not at the pub, all right."

"Why?" He was busy with some of his work, but he was on his laptop at home.

"What? Is it because you want what's owed to you from that family of yours?" Franny was certain they might have a major fight over this.

"I suppose." He scowled a bit, looking at her in the kitchen who was busy with sliced mushrooms sizzling in butter. "My sister gets everything. I get nothing."

"Now, Cecil, are you sure its true? You think the world of Kelsey. I just know it when she walks into a room." She glared at him then that he'd be this way over his sister's silly little wedding. "Chances are they wanted to marry her off. Maybe those Aunts of yours are just looking out for you. They don't want you to have a wife. And least of all me? I'm packing two kids, you know, that can't be something they find appealing." She went on with her cooking then.

"I guess." He sighed and looked back at her. "They don't know me. They don't know how much I want a family of my own."

"Katy says they want a garden wedding." She told him. "Now wouldn't that be lovely?"

"Are you wanting a garden wedding?" He winced.

"Yes." She nodded, as she poured cream into the mushrooms to make a sauce. "She said she'd be happy if we made it a double ceremony with them."

"A double ceremony?" He made it sound as the strangest thing he'd ever heard.

"She says we can share the cost then which won't be much because Jamie has his hand in it too. And he's rather good at making quite a steal on the deals when it comes to cakes and whatnot." She nodded.

"Somehow, it doesn't seem official, somehow."

"Like a wedding at a pub, would?" She scowled slightly at the thought.

"All right. If its what you want." Cecil almost smiled.

"You just don't think it'll come true, do you?" She let him taste the sauce then. It was easy to see he loved her French cooking. It was irresistible. With that, she knew he was sold on the possibility that she wasn't going anywhere.

Jamie & Josh


Cait said...

Aw...Franny knows how to get to Cecil and its great he has someone like her to love him. & I think he's great for her, too.

e.l. said...

This'll be cool. An offical married couple.

Anonymous said...

A wedding at a pub? Interesting. Hey did you ever watch S. Darko? And was it good?

past the point said...

they have to start believ'n in each other.

Winnie said...

A wedding at a pub? Sounds intrigueing. If it was a little country pub it could be really sweet actually.