Sunday, August 9, 2009

the notebook

When Sebastian found Anita in the kitchen a few days later having breakfast, he almost lost it. He couldn't bare for her to see him. So he quietly tip-toed back to his room and was in total shock that she lived there.

How had he not known? It freaked him. His heart pounded like crazy as he laid there thinking what to do. Then it hit him. He should follow her. So he did. He knew she lived in the basement. It made him smile to know this fact. Still, he wasn't sure he was ready to face her quite yet.

Every little hint he would find of her, he knew where she was in the house. When she was away at work. He'd already been in her room and knew it quite well.

Sebastian hadn't meant to be a thief, but he'd stolen her bracelet that looked rather foreign from where she might be from. But he wasn't sure where that might be. He wore it when he went to bed at night. It made him feel closer to her. He was tempted to take something else of hers. Like her favorite stuffed animal on her bed, but he hadn't.

Just now she'd gone to the bathroom. He heard her turn on the shower. Sebastian smiled with delight. He went to her bedroom, and the first thing he noticed was the notebook on the floor. Instantly, he went to it, hoping he might find something about himself, but as he turned the pages he saw it was all about Theresa.

He heard the shower cut off. Sebastian quickly took off up the stairs then to his room with the notebook. What was it that made him want to know more? Really, the notebook needed a thorough look through.

Ian and the band


Jared said...

Oh god, I hope Sebastian doesn' know. I really like it.

the oaks said...

Oh..there's more with Sebastian and the notebook.


taffy. said...

oh, sebastian. i'm trying to figure out if this worries me or not.

Cait said...

so sneaky

e.l. said...

wonder what he's up too..hahahaha..he's much more mischievious than I expected.

Meg said...

What a sneaky, sneaky fellow! I wonder what will happen if she notices it missing!