Monday, August 17, 2009

not quite a party

Anita was out with some old school mates. Catching up on their summer. Of course, they'd been on holiday. She was with her blond mate, Randy who noticed right away her look that she gave to Sebastian who was at the Black Cat too with his Aunt.

"Well, do tell, who is that gorgeous boy?" Randy whispered in Anita's ear.

"He's not gay," she told him right away, giving him her elbow in his chest.

"Well, you can at least let me dream, now can't you?" Randy reminded her he wasn't actually involved with anyone.

Anita rolled her eyes.

"Do you want me to introduce you?" She looked at him. As it was her other classmates were quite rowdy about their tales abroad. Some had gone to Japan. Even one went to visit a cousin in L.A.. Anita was quite bord of the whole thing.

"Yes, please." Randy smiled so genuinely. He'd spent his summer in Hollyoaks as a bus boy across town at the Dog, another pub in the village.

"All right, but you must'n come on to him, you know. You might scare him severely." Anita remained even lipped as she strolled over to Sebastian who was eating dinner.

"Hey, haven't seen you around? Where you been?" She waved.

He gave her a frown as if she were interrupting.

"Studying." He just said as if he couldn't give her another moment.

"Um, I thought you might want to meet Randy. He's a grade ahead of you. Maybe we could all do something, sometime." She shrugged.

"Sometime?" He winced as if he didn't feel like it.

"Well, you know, you could come out with us. And we could show you around." She looked at Randy, who kept his hands shoved in his pockets and tried his best to keep from letting a smile slip.

Sebastian just stared at her then Randy.

"I'll think on it." He said rather dull and went back to eating his sheperd's pie.

"Well, will that do?" She said to Randy as they walked back to their table.

"I guess." Randy shrugged as if he had many more mugs of beer to drink before the night was over.


Coco-Rocha-Fan said...

Jaja funny

Jared said...

Wow, funny. Sebastian... Hm, kind of silly I suppose you could say. So is Randy going to be reoccurring?

the oaks said...

Yeap, Randy will be a reccuring character.

e.l. said...

Randy looks interesting.

Anonymous said...

I like Randy, I'm glad he will be recurring.