Saturday, August 29, 2009

the morning after

Jamie had gotten up with Tristan who would be off to Colin and Kelsy's soon.

He felt so alone in the kitchen. He supposed Sasha was around with Risa and Rhys, but really it felt so quiet around here with Maxie and Katy off to the city for a few days. A quick honeymoon. Of course, he resented them all the more for going, leaving him home. He knew it had to be that way. He'd promised he'd be here for Tristan, but as it was Kelsy and Colin wanted Tristan for the night. Jamie didn't see anything wrong with that, although he was sure Katy would detest it.

Actually, it was Maxie leaving that bothered him the most. Really, he missed him. Perhaps, Maxie would never know exactly how much he meant to him. But he'd been unusually reserved around him as of late, and it gave him a sad feeling. He could only hope Maxie missed him just as much.

Thank God, the party was over. He didn't get liquored up as everyone else. He was the responsible one after all, seeing to Tristan who was eating his breakfast, all on his own in the kitchen.

While he was cleaning up and having the last of the coffee, Sebastian showed up, somewhat of a sleepy head in suit pants and shirt-tail out. He'd been in the mud and a few grass stains on his white shirt.

"How was your night?"

"All right, I suppose." He wasn't exactly open about it. He reached for a cookie on the table and bit into it.

"Is that all you can say? It was a wedding, for God sakes. Good things always happen at weddings." He told him.

"I never heard that before." Sebastian plopped down at the kitchen table. "But then I've never been to a wedding."

Jamie set him down a glass of milk.

"Well, you do look like shit, were you drinking?" Jamie asked.

Sebastian just looked up at him giving him the silent treatment.

"It couldn't have been that bad?"

Sebastian closed his eyes and shrugged.

"You need sleep. Lots of it." Jamie just smiled. "You know, by the afternoon we should be all moved into our own place. The kitchen is ready."

"Great." Sebastian said so dull.

"Don't get too excited now," Jamie said with a grin and messed with Sebastian's hair a bit. "You need a shower and then bed. You need your beauty sleep."

Sebastian just shrugged as he drank his milk and finished up the plate of cookies.

Simon and Josh


e.l. said...

Like the new header!

I like the way Sebastian treats Jamie..& the way Jamie is with him.."get your beauty sleep.."

dapper kid said...

Ahh the quiet life lol. How sweet of him missing Maxie :)

Winnie said...

Jamie is sweet!

C.Elizabeth and Natalia said...

Thank you for your sweet comment.

I think I have a lot of reading to do... very well written! Going back thorugh the archives. =)


Carrie said...

I'm glad you like the song on my blog. You figured out that the song was suppose to compliment the pictures. Good for you :) Thanks for dropping by.

Great work. Enjoyed reading your story.

All the best,