Monday, August 3, 2009

a little fool's gold

To the naked eye it might have looked like sand with a hint of gold in it. Probably fool's gold. But Jamie wouldn't dare tell what was really in it. Just a little magic. Perhaps. It wasn't that he used it often. He'd had it for quite a while and always managed to keep it in his pocket for luck. Really, it was probably nothing. Yet, he had a wee bit of faith in it. Actually, he'd never really used it. But he was really desperate. He had to believe it would work. Because if he didn't believe, well then it was as good as dust in his pocket.

And today he was going to use it. Really, it was in all good intentions. He needed a job. A real job. A decent job. Something more than to suffice him with. It was just finding the courage to get on with it with Jeremy.

"I'm thinking I don't see you often enough," Jamie smiled going into Jeremy's office, all grins as if Jeremy had a serious matter to consider.

"What are you saying?" Jeremy smiled. "Are you moving back home?" Jeremy kept his arms crossed.

"No." Jamie informed him. "I want to be here. And I think this is where you need me. Some assistance."

"But I have a secretary."

"I'm thinking you need a liaison." Jamie gave him an impish grin. "One who will find people who can give us more funds for the library. You never have enough time to write up all those letters to send out to those who contribute, right?"

"Yes, that would be nice to have someone to feel those shoes." Jeremy shrugged.

"Right," Jamie beamed. "That could be me." Just then Jamie had out stretched in his palm, the dust ready, he blew it straight away into Jeremy's eyes.

Jeremy blinked.

"That could be you." Jeremy smiled. "Absolutely."

"Does this mean I can start today?" Jamie looked at him so pleased.

"Well, of course."

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e.l. said...

We need that sand around here. He's something special.

past the point said...

He's so wicked..I luv him.

cait said...

Its fun how he can just get away with these things so seems. And go on as if nothing really happened.