Tuesday, August 11, 2009

just a thought or two

Sasha was feeling more herself these days. It was a shock to hear about Franny having her baby so quickly. As of yet she hadn't seen the baby boy. Sasha was still on bed rest.

"And you say she saw Risa at the hospital?" Sasha wanted Rhys to tell her more.

"She's very happy for us," Rhys told her. "I think she's all right with everything. She said she liked the name."

Sasha bit her bottom lip.

"I don't know if we'll ever be close again," Sasha felt sad.

"Of course, you will." Rhys had brought her breakfast in bed and held the baby while she peeled a boiled egg.

"Then how come you haven't seen her baby?" Sasha stared up at him.

"Is it necessary to get into all this right now. I'll be with you when we see it, all right." She could tell she'd asked too much of him.

"All right." Sasha squinted. "But she is family."

"I know. I don't know what she expects of me, and I'd rather wait and see how it goes. Do I support it completely or what? I'm not exactly her favorite person, you know. And she keeps insisting she has Cecil as if I shouldn't come around. You'd think he might beat me. Its weird. I don't ever want to be in this situation ever again. Do you understand me." He looked at her a bit disconcerted.

"I see." Sasha knew she should stop fretting. It pleased her that he was afraid, and he wanted to be faithful to her now.

She needed to eat. She needed to nurse the baby. She wanted she and Rhys to be completely honest with each other. Of course, Cecil was her ex, just as well. It was all so complicated. "I wish I knew if Franny was all right. That's all."

"You'll just have to wait. There will be time, you know. We can all celebrate later. Now, you have to get well. I don't want an infection in those stitches of yours." He had a point. She really did have to take care of herself. Really, Sasha felt quite helpless.

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Meg said...

Being on bedrest sucks. I don't blame Sasha for being so restless and worried.

e.l. said...

I think that would be a tricky situation to be in. Sasha is remarkable to be friends with Franny. I'm glad Rhys has his regrets and hopes to behave himself now.

Adela said...

very intersting!


blue hearts said...

hopefully, rhys is back on track now.

taffy. said...

oh risa.