Sunday, August 16, 2009

in the land of nog

Maxie felt quite ill after being with Jamie. He got himself to bed right away as if he were thick with sleep and the cigarette burn just kept pulsating in his hand like a warning of some kind. Of course, he felt quite sad. No energy. Nothing.

He fell into a deep sleep intensely. He could not move. Only he could hear whisperings in another room. What could they be about? Really. And then he felt himself leave his body like smoke that crawled between the walls and swam his way to actually where the whispering were coming from.

It was Jamie with Katy in Jamie's room. And that's when he saw Katy in Jamie's arms. He cradled her stomach as if he owned what was inside of it. Maxie tried to pull himself from the dream to see if it might actually be happening. But he couldn't. No, he watched to see what was next.

"It'll be fine. You'll see." Jamie whispered in her ear. "You love me?"

He saw Katy's smile up close then. Too close. It was all he could see. Maxie's heart spad so as if it might burst. The look of mischief about her way. It was quite horrific. She nodded.

"Then everything will be perfect. You can count on me." Jamie smiled, and he kissed her then as if they had been lovers for a very long time.

Maxie squinted tears in his sleep, biting his bottom lip ever so tenderly. Was it possible? Jamie had had his way with her. Maybe the baby wasn't Maxie's at all. Or did Jamie have some sort of power to ruin it all if he pleased?

Maxie was shaking when he awoke in a sweat. His stomach growled, but he knew he had to throw up.

Gemma & Monty


e.l. said...

That's scary. I would be freaked if I were him.

Cait said...

but was it a dream?

past the point of luv said...

very very irry. i liked the way it was written.

Winnie said...

Well...all I know is that Jamie is bad news!

the oaks said...

Thanks Winnie, yeap, he's bad news, but he's my Heathcliff...I suppose.

sid and violet said...

Its like Jamie is taking over the whole household, you know. woooo.

Anonymous said...

I am so smart I just saw the picture of Zane on your header:) Weird dream. I would wake up shaking too.

Anonymous said...

Yes I did just figure it out XD. I have been writing but on C.A. Tales and Summer. I have also been working on Drifting By but I am afraid I am a little stuck on what to write. Any ideas? Well the newest posts are a little long and I don't want to post them too soon, I want them to fit in just right. Ya Know?