Friday, August 28, 2009

in the dark

Wild boys never lose it
Wild boys never chose this way
Wild boys never close your eyes
Wild boys always shine

"Tu es si sexy!" Sebastian cracked up laughing as he took another draw from the cigarette and blew smoke into the warm August air. It was damp on the grass where they laid by the bank of the stream in the park. It was an absolutely clear night. The stars were twinkling.

"You want me to whisper something sexy in your ear, don't you?" Sebastian choked on a laugh then as he laid there next to Randy. "Something French."

Randy gave him a light laugh back.

Sebastian studied the stars above wondering what Anita would be doing right now with Theresa. He closed his eyes, thinking what he'd do if he were Theresa. He smoked a bit more and handed the cigarette over to Randy.

He was so quiet. Sebastian thought he would have said more. They'd came all this way to do nothing. Perhaps. Really, Sebastian wasn't quite sure if he had an inkling what to do. He wasn't exactly a good kisser, now was he?

Sebastian turned to his side then and propped his hand on his cheek and watched Randy smoke.

"Je veux jouer avec ta sucette!" Sebastian whispered.

"What does that even mean?" Randy laughed.

"I don't think you want to know." Sebastian rolled back on the grass.

"Come on, tell me," Randy laughed and he caught Sebastian's shoulder then and rolled him back toward him.

"No." Sebastian laughed. "Its too-obscene."

"Like, how could it be obscene?" Randy wanted to know.

Sebastian reached for the wine then and took a big sip. He was definitely woozy and then some.

"I want to pet your popsicle." Sebastian burst into laughter then. He looked at Randy and handed him the wine. "It sounds much better in French." Sebastian pushed his fingers back through his hair.

"All I really want to do is to kiss you," Randy said.

"Sure, why not." Sebastian smiled thinking he really needed all the practice he could get. "Are you any good?"

"I dunno."

"Lets see what you've got." Sebastian took one more drink from the bottle. He felt the heat of Randy's body next to him. The next thing he felt were Randy's lips on his. He really hadn't thought Randy's lips would feel that sensational. It freaked him out, actually. Or perhaps it just freaked himself that he could feel this rush of some kind so overwhelming. Sebastian pushed him away instantly.

"That was bad, very bad." Sebastian lied. As if Randy had done something wrong. "I'm not going, anywhere. Can you, not lunge so."

He thought of his kiss with Anita. Sebastian bit his bottom lip. How could it have been a better kiss with her? She wasn't here, was she? Was Randy's kiss better? Sebastian knew this was just about kissing. That's all it was. He put his hand around the back of Randy's head then.

"More like this," Sebastian showed him as his lips slightly touched his. He didn't think of Anita's lips, but Randy's kissable mouth. It was like falling in to something amazing. He kept his lips on Randy's for some time. And slowly they seemed to be going somewhere. Before Sebastian realised it, he was on top of Randy on the ground, and they were French kissing. Randy's arms were wrapped around him so. They started to turn and began to roll down the grassy knoll toward the water.

Alfie & Amy


aiLee920 said...

oh... i love this line,,,

Wild boys always shine

like stars???

Cait said...

who knew it would happen. woo...

dapper kid said...

I believe an Ooh La La would be appropriate here lol.

e.l. said...

well..the things Sebastiain is learing..hmmmmm.

Winnie said...

haha, love dapper's comment.

mariarose said...

I like it :)

cass and cady said...

I like the new header. Oh, boy..boys will be boys, aye.

aiLee920 said...

oh, that's why it sounds familiar...
thanks for reminding me...

CC said...

Oh my.