Thursday, August 27, 2009

in Anita's room

Finally, they were alone. Anita wasn't so sure she liked it now. She felt so far from the boys who she supposed knew she wasn't coming back.

"I really missed you," Theresa said.

Anita just nodded. She didn't know if she could speak. She had some plastic tumblers for the wine. She poured them both a glass.

"Did you think of me?" Theresa touched Anita's cheek.

"What do you think?" Anita kept staring into Theresa's dazzling eyes. She hated what she felt. Anita knew it wouldn't do her much good. Even now. In one breath Theresa was talking about a quick engagement and here she was on her bed with her. Anita pressed her lips together.

When they kissed, it wasn't like Anita remembered. It was different. She wasn't sure if she could get used to it. Maybe she didn't want to. But she couldn't be sure what had changed so much. Did she think of someone else now?

Anita kissed her back as if she had too. As if she didn't Theresa would be hurt. Really, she didn't want to have any feelings for her, anymore. And she knew why she didn't, Sebastian kept coming back to her thoughts.

"I can't," Anita shook her. "You have to go." She didn't want to go down this road again. She didn't want to have to wait and be Theresa's so called last dance after everyone had gone home.

She ran out of her room then and climbed up the stairs to the kitchen to go back out to the party. Of course, when she got there, Sebastian nor Randy were no where in sight.

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aiLee920 said...

have a nice day!!

Cait said...

Well..I actually read the post and I wish Sebastian hadn't left with Randy. Too bad he's not there for Anita.

fan fic said...

maybe Anita is changing. Hopefully, she doesn't need Theresa anymore.

cass and cady said...

I do feel sad for Anita.

e.l. said...

Hope she'll dump Theresa.

Winnie said...

It sounds as if Anita is being strong and making some real decisions!

Meg said...

I'm glad Anita's being strong about this whole thing. She's betetr off without Theresa!