Tuesday, August 18, 2009

finding the secret

Sebastian could hardly believe his eyes when he got home. God, how he wished he'd stayed with Kelsy who was so charming and understanding and well, she smelled nice. Or at least Sebastian found her slightly intoxicating. And she could hug him as much as she wanted. He wanted it. And he wished he was still there letting her hug him.

But this was more than hugging what he saw. He was just dazzled by it and yet horrified at the same moment. What was his father doing with Katy?

Sebastian didn't know what to think. He was sure he'd over react, and the only place he knew to go was to hide in Anita's room. If only she were home? When was she coming home? What was this Randy to her? Quite randy, now wasn't he? So ha ha ha about everything. It made Sebastian sick to his stomach knowing she was having a laugh with him. Perhaps a laugh he'd never have with her. It was awful. Just awful. Disgusting.

But then what if she met someone at a club. A girl. One with nice tits. Ones she'd draw a picture of if she ever found her notebook.

And she couldn't now..because well, it seemed he'd gotten something on one of the pages. The one with the nice tits on it. And it wasn't hair conditioner. He cringed at the thought of her finding out some of his junk was on the page of her notebook. He should burn it and maybe..just maybe the apple didn't fall so far from the tree. He couldn't help but be this way if he had a Dad who did those sort of things with..with women. Even pregnant women. He scowled at the thought.

He thought of Jamie again and what he'd seen. Sebastian shook his head. It couldn't be happening. What was he doing with her? Really? He was so quaint with Maxie, like best mates and Sebastian always had a good time with Katy around. Now he could hardly think how he'd act if he saw her again.

It was all so quite passionate and startling. And was his father doing what he thought he saw? It was sex. Plain and simple. Maybe not the fucking he'd seen pictures of. Still so intimate, and it sort of made him giggly. People really did that sort of thing? Of course, he was sure he was the only boy in France who didn't know these sort of things. Why did they shelter him so?

He sat on Anita's bed in shock, thinking that was exactly what Anita wanted to do with Theresa. He squinted hard, thinking more about it. Maybe it was the other way around. Oh, it was foreign and yet mazzmerizing. And why was he thinking about Anita when he remembered what he saw.
Sebastian heard a noise outside Anita's door then. He felt his way off the bed and pushed himself under it. Hopefully, she wasn't bringing back anyone to her place from the Black Cat.

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ellie said...

Sebastian has a way of just getting into things. Hopefully, he won't be scarred for life. Doubtful.

CC said...

Thanks for the comment!
I haven't read your whole blog, but I love what I have read. :)


Anonymous said...

I really like Sebastion, he has interesting thoughts.

Cait said...

Oh Sebastian..he's so interesting.

♥ Cara Mia ♥ said...

thanks for your comment on my blog. :)

i'm still trying to figure out who's who and how the whole story begins, but i'll try to catch up.

cm ♥