Tuesday, August 4, 2009

catching a breath

Sebastian went straight home after his fiasco with Anita. He fell face down on his bed and started to cry long suffering tears which came endlessly. Perhaps he wanted them just as much, so he could be sick and not have her ever set eyes on him, again.

She wouldn't. She was smart. Pretty. And older. She'd think he was a baby. Even if she didn't see him crying.

"Is anything wrong?" Jamie found him finally, a few hours later.

"No." Of course, Sebastian's wet hair was matted to his cheeks.

"Are you sure, you don't seem yourself?" Jamie pushed his hair away from his face. "What could have possibly gone wrong? You aren't homesick, are you? You've yet to meet your Uncle Colin and his wife. You'll get along with them splendid. I'm sure of it."

Sebastian just looked up at him, but he didn't say a word.

"You can tell me anything you like," Jamie stared at him. "I know I'm awful at this. I'm not rich, but then that never did my Dad much good. He was never home. He was always off working. I want to spend time with you. And I'm a fool for not finding you sooner, you know. But I was away being a pirate." He then laughed.

"Really?" Sebastian looked intrigued.

"It got me sent to the slammer. That's why your brother didn't want you to know." Jamie nodded. "But all is well now. I've learned to mind my P's and Q's, me thinks." Jamie smiled.

"Anita doesn't like me." Sebastian could feel himself crying all over again. The embarrassment was overwhelming.

"And why is that?" Jamie looked at him puzzled.

"I kissed her." Sebastian swallowed back tears.

"How was it?" Jamie scowled.

"Too fast. Evidently." Sebastian bit his bottom lip.

Jamie just chuckled.

"It was an accident." Sebastian closed his eyes. "I didn't mean for it to happen."

"Really?" Jamie smiled as if he didn't quite believe him.

"Really." Sebastian pleaded. "I was on the floor kind of knocked out at the Black Cat and, and I was just helping her save me, you know."

"Oh," Jamie nodded as if he was trying his best to follow the strange story. "I think those scenarios work better if you're drowning at the pool."

Jamie laughed then and Sebastian found himself smiling too.

"Get ready for dinner. We have Uncle Colin making something special at his flat tonight." Jamie nudged Sebastian's knee then.

Sebastian sucked in a breath. He guess that meant he had to wash up.

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Cait said...

ah..that was good that he was there for Sebastian. Jamie's not so bad.

ellie said...

I think Jamie makes a good Dad.

past the point said...

That was a good moment. Sebastian needed that.

taffy. said...

i adore jamie!
only... who is he?

the oaks said...

Actually, he's just Sebastian's brother but Sebastian has been told he's his father. He's Colin's brother to& has something on the side with Maxie.