Friday, August 7, 2009

bright eyes

Franny couldn't get over the fact how much Byron reminded her of her brother. Why had she felt so bad about the baby before. Thinking of all the rotten it would be to have Rhys' baby. She didn't see him at all in her baby boy.

"I'm shocked," Franny said to Katy who was with them. Franny was resting in bed, letting Byron nurse. "He's so much like my brother. And its just a wonderful feeling." She beamed.

"I'm glad." Katy smiled. "So you are going to be all right? No second thoughts about Rhys?"

"No." Franny was calm. "Cecil wants to marry me, and I love him and..and I'm not looking back. Its for the best." Her chest tightened a bit, but it was the thought of how much love she knew Cecil wanted for all of them. She couldn't help but be happy.

"Good." Katy had tears in her eyes. "I'm not sure I'll get Maxie to marry me."

"Why not?" Franny winced. "I thought it was going beautifully for the two of you."

"I think so, but I'm not sure. There's something he's not telling me. I think he's still mad at me that I wasn't completely honest to him about Tristan in the beginning. I know I was selfish, but I couldn't let Tristan go completely even if I couldn't afford to really take care of him. But since he's better..and..and I think Maxie adores him. Still, I don't think he trusts me. Completely."

"I'm sure it can't be that. Maxie's not like that. It could be something else." Franny suggested.

"But what? What could it be?" Katy looked quite sad about the matter.

"Maxie could be unsure about himself. You know, is running the boarding house what he wants to do for the rest of his life? Maybe he thinks its not good enough for you." Franny told her.

"Possibly." Katy shrugged.

"Don't dwell on it," Franny said. "Its not worth it, you keep giving him little hints. I'm sure it'll happen. As soon as I'm back on my feet, we're having a wedding. Cecil says he wants it at the Black Cat. As if that's a sign of a good thing. I hope."

They laughed then as if the future would be bright.

Amy and the baby


e.l. said...

Sounds as if things are moving on which is a good thing.

Cait said...

I'm glad Franny sees her brother in her baby. She needs that. But for Katy. I'm glad she's getting a feeling that all is not right with Maxxie.

Adela said...

sounds good! is this part of a continuous story?

taffy. said...

"as if the future would be bright"
it will be.

Meg said...

I hope they both get lovely happy endings!