Wednesday, August 5, 2009

back home

Cecil was grateful that Maxie and Katy were over. Maxie was cooking up supper when they arrived.

"I swear you should be a chef." Cecil told him who was watching Maxie chop up things.

"Don't give me so much credit," Maxie just smiled. "So how are you, with you know, fatherhood?"

"It suits me." Cecil nodded. "Calming even."

"Calming?" Maxie laughed.

"I've had Nico to train me, you know." Cecil picked up Franny's toddler who was running through the kitchen then.

"So that's how it works." Maxie pushed the vegetables off the chopping block into the sizzling skillet then.

"You should be ready for when the time comes. I have faith in you." Cecil carried Nico near the sizzling vegetable so he could watch, but only for a second. It seemed Tristan was playing with a truck in the livingroom that he had to investigate.

"If you say so." Maxie nodded. "And you are all right with the baby, really?"

"Franny keeps telling me he looks just like Gaspard, her brother. She's quite sentimental about it. She keeps crying. I guess tears of joy. I think she's stopped beating herself up about the whole one off with Rhys now. Hard to say with Franny."

Newt & Billy alone


e.l. said...

Franny seems happy about being a Mom. Finally. I'm glad the baby makes her think of her brother.

blue hearts said...

Maxie should be shelf. Nice.

Cait said...

Hahaha..sorry. It was early in the morning. Chef. I meant sorry.

taffy. said...

i adore franny. and i'm glad cecil found someone to settle in with him.