Sunday, August 23, 2009

at the wedding

To Rhys surprise he got to tend to Byron during the ceremony.

"Do you think she meant to do that to hurt me?" He asked Sasha afterwards.

"No, I think they just needed the help." She nodded.

As it was, the back garden was packed. All of Cecil's people were here for the ritual and then the old timers and the kiddies came in droves too. Everyone knew there would be food.

At least Rhys had his moment with his son. His daughter too. It was a happy time even if he knew he might be smiling for all the wrong reasons.

"Do you think they'll play together some day?" It sound so ominous when he said it.

"Yes, of course." Sasha told him as she was holding Risa and he was holding Byron.

"He sounds like pirate, you know." Rhys squinted.

"A poet. Lord Byron." She reminded him.

"He was lover of some sort, wasn't he?" Rhys scowled.

"Afraid so."

"Should I be worried there's something subliminal about the name?" Rhys questioned. "You know, about me?"

"Don't flatter yourself, luv," Sasha just grinned as the party was just getting started with shouts of laughter and dancing. "Those days are over."

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e.l. said...

I loved this one. Especially, what Sasha told him at the end of it, too.

Winnie said...

Haha, that was funny. Lord Byron was a strange character.

cass and cady said...

Risa and Byron...Rhys' made me smile what he was thinking.

Anonymous said...

this has to be a fave of mine (:

the oaks said...

thanks, I'm glad you liked it em. Glad it could make you laugh Winnie.