Saturday, August 15, 2009

about the shops

"So what can you tell me about your mother?" Kelsy asked as Sebastian carried their loot from the shops. She'd bought him a little lap top. It was his favorite. Even pink. He knew it shouldn't be his favorite color, but it was. No one would ever know of it, but him. He supposed.

"I can't." Sebastian shook his head. "No one has ever spoke of her."

"And you didn't ask?" Kelsy looked concerned.

"It just never came up." Sebastian sighed wishing they wouldn't talk about her. It did him no good. As it was he had kept to himself far too long. He really needed to wear shades, and he did to remain a mystery. Nice little round ones as if he were blind or John Lennon's grandchild as they walked past the shops in the village.

"Pity, don't you think?" Kelsy couldn't stop playing with his messy hair.

"No, not really. I suppose father will tell me everything when he's good and ready." Sebastain shrugged.

"I supposed. He is quite unbelievable at times, but he's so fortunate to have you. I'm glad you're here. Really." Kelsy told him.

Sebastian smiled at that. If things went wrong with Jamie, he was sure he could move in with Kelsy and Colin. Anytime.

Newt and Amy


Cait said...

I'm glad he's got family. He needs that.

e.l. said...

His favorite color is pink. I would have never thought that.

Jared said...

I'm glad he's got backup's. Hopefully he'll be set now, but who knows...

Jared said...

Sorry to comment again. Interesting about those people. Sebastian seems interesting.

That's what I was planning for the finale/chapter 9. Minus Maxxie and Tony. You'll see why Maxxie won't later on.

Yeah, I saw this whole season and I agree about some of that. Cook is horrible, I hate him. They took Chris and made him more of an "baddy." Yeah, Freddie is one of my favorites, funny about the dress though. Did you know he originally tried out for Tony, but in the end lost to Nick? Naomi... She gets better near the end, but it's kinda cliche with the "I'm not a lesbian, but I really am." Sorta deal. J.J. I can handle. Effy get's better near the end, but you're right, she doesn't seem to give it her all like the past. It's still in Bristol, but I don't know about the others, I hope they come back. Sorry about a long note back. =)

the oaks said...

that's ok, I guess the director is Proud..these are kids actually from Bristol..but uh, hummm..Cookie is just horrible and I guess he's actually like that. Odd about J.J.. I have a friend with Asperg(how every to say it) & well, he's not a genusis. I guess. He looks rather evil like Frankenstein actually, and he's so loud, but he found this hurt ground squirrel other day, and I had no idea he could be so caring when he can never find anything to say nice about any of us.