Thursday, July 2, 2009

what's cooking

Actually, Jamie felt like a fish out of water. He didn't know why he was expected to go to Colin and Kelsy's dinner.

"What ever would you need me here?" He decided he'd chop up a salad for the occasion while he was in Kelsy's kitchen. Perhaps he had a hidden aggression to get out, but he went to town on chopping celery and then the greens. Whatever he could find.

"I need a good reading." She shrugged.

"A reading?" He winced. "I'm not a magician?" It would be like her to take advantage of him.

"Is something bothering you?" Kelsy stayed on the other side of the kitchen with all his massive chopping. Not only that. He'd sharpen every knife in her kitchen. "Or are you getting ready to be the next serial killer in Hollyoaks?"

"Its nothing." He shrugged.

"Well, for someone who stresses the need for clarification, you remain a mystery. What gives?" She came near then. "We're family. Spill it."

"I really would rather not. Its too soon to tell. I'd hate to jinx it. All right."

"Jinx it?" Kelsy smiled.

"What is it you want from me?" Jamie then put the knives away.

"Gemma? I don't know how she really is. She won't share anything with me. She's bitter. And I would help if I could, but she won't let me." Kelsy told him.

"Well, maybe she'll tell you when she's good in ready." Jamie informed her.

"I don't have a decade or two." Kelsy squinted.

"Well, where is she?" Jamie shrugged.

"On her laptop in the guestroom." Kelsy took him down the hall and tapped on the door. "Are you decent?"

Of course, Gemma gave them both an ugly scowl and slapped her laptop shut.

"This is Colin's older brother Jamie," Kelsy told her.

Naturally, she said nothing.

Kelsy closed the door.

"She's just a right friendly bugger, now isn't she?" Jamie smirked.

"Well?" Kelsy asked as they walked back to the kitchen.

"For starters, she's your sister, not youy cousin." Jamie explained.


"That's where the hostilities coming from." He nodded.

"You must be wrong. That can't be." Kelsy winced.

"Suit yourself." Jamie shrugged. He wasn't here to make her believe in things. "Whens Col home?"

"He's explaining something in the kitchen to the help. He's so crazy these days about the menu at the Black Cat. He seems to think he knows the proper way that shepherd's pie should be dished. He's banking on it being the come back food. Of course, that seems to have taken weeks to happen. At least we're not having it for dinner."

"What are we having?"

"Pot roast."

Jamie nodded. He wondered if Colin had had anything to do with preparing it.


Cait said...

Haaahhaaa. Kelsy and Jamie. I liked it.

e.l. said...

'a real friendly bugger' hahahaaa.

past the point said...

I liked what he said about Gemma.

sid and violet said...

Jamie is quirky and well, I like him.

Winnie said...

Dinner time!

I don't watch Hollyoaks anymore. I used to watch it religiously when I was about 15!