Thursday, July 16, 2009

waiting for something brilliant

"How fasinating," Maxie was calm now as he was on his cell with Simon. Really, he always enjoyed hearing from him. "So the trip is lovely, right?"

"Yeah. I guess." Simon sighed as if to be a little indifferent. "Have you seen Kelsy?"

"No." Maxie was certain he wouldn't.

"Would you go see her for me?"

"Can't you call her?"

"She won't ever answer my messages. She so vague with me. I annoy her." Simon told him.

"Then I would annoy her, too." Maxie really didn't want to get involved with this mess of Colin with Kelsy over Tristan who really was Katy's baby. What if Colin hadn't told her? What if Maxie let it slip? It felt to Maxie his whole world was just getting bigger. He had never thought he'd have to associate with Colin and now he was.

"She always liked you."

"Did she?" Maxie almost laughed.

"In school." Simon told him. "Didn't she kiss you?"

"Probably," Maxie hadn't thought of that in a very long time. It was ages ago. "But didn't she kiss, everyone?" Suddenly, he remembered it was her who'd given him his first hand job. His eyes were wide open. She'd seen his junk. "Shit."

"What was that?"

"Nothing." Maxie blinked. "It was nothing." And yet it came very clear to him, where they were when it happened. She'd been so demanding, and he'd been so scared. Behind the school where no one could see them. He might have been twelve, if that.

"Are you sure?" He detected a smile in Simon's voice.

"Oh, uh, Sash is in labor." Maxie changed the subject.

"In labor? Already?"

"Yes, quite a while, I guess. Seems she doesn't want to have it just yet." Maxie told him.

"I wonder why?" Simon sighed. "I hope Kelsy won't be like that. Don't know if I could wait it out, hours on end."

"Well, you aren't the one having it."

"I would if I could."

"Yes, of course."

"And how's Katy?" Simon pushed on with more questions as if he didn't want to get back to having his smashing good time in Paris with Josh.

"Lovely." Maxie found himself saying. "Look, shouldn't you be fuck'n Josh about now. Don't tell me there's a problem."

"Not really," Simon told him. "But I didn't come here to spend all my time in a room just with him, now did I? We have to explore. We are on holiday."

"Yes, you should." Maxie squinted. "Remember you love him. You shouldn't be so worried about home."

"I suppose. And no word from Ian?" Simon would not let go so easily.

"Not a word."

"And you are all right, with everything?"

"Yes, of course."

"I want to believe you." Simon told him with a hint of doubt in his voice.

"Then do."

"Katy loves you."

"We don't need to tell each other these things." Maxie told him. "We know them."

"Right," Simon said before he clicked off. "We should just remember."

Maxie put his cell away, hoping Simon did something exciting with Josh.


Summer said...

wow im the first :D

well, im not going for chrome just yet :D

ellie said...

I always love their conversations.

past the point said...

Maxie and Simon. I like them as best mates.

fan fic said...

That was fun..I loved it when Maxie said..shouldn't you be fuck'n josh..hahahahaaa.

dapper kid said...

They have a strange chemistry together, it's like they are best friends, but at the same time forcing each other in conversation. And yikes, Kelsy sounds like the quite handful!

Cait said...

I like the new header. Sweet..and I love those 2.