Wednesday, July 8, 2009

unrequited was only a kiss. All right, it wasn't just a kiss.

Jamie smiled to himself as he laid there on top of his bed, not quite ready to be in it. Perhaps, Maxie was a distraction. A nice one, unfortunately.

Jamie been so good. Behaved himself splendid in the company of others, and there Maxie was for the taking.

Well...he hadn't taken him completely anywhere.

Things were fucked up. And it was hard to tell where one thing began and another ended. True, he should be concentrating on what to do with Zoe being pregnant with his kid, no doubt. He could feel it already. He knew it was true. But it was good to not speak of it. Not yet. It needed to fester a bit. He supposed.

His teeth clinched. Really the whole planet seemed to be pregnant around here.

Jamie knew he needed to pull himself together and sort this out with Jeremy. The whole thing with Zoe. Perhaps he should be the main part of the baby's life. He was financially set. Well, more so than Jamie who honestly didn't have that much. He didn't play the numbers, anymore. Really, it was a simple life.

He just couldn't bare to think what he might do if he saw Zoe. He might go ballistic. She'd been in his room with another. Who did she think she was?

He'd tossed the sheets. They'd smelled of her and sex, and it was just unspeakable.

So now why did he feel the need to get mixed up with Maxie?

Why couldn't he just read a book? Listen to some soothing but hearty jazz. Reorganize his iPod. Damn, he hated that thing. Touch on an iPod was not as good as it was cracked up to be. But all he could think was the fact of touching Maxie would be delightful. Truly satisfying. It wouldn't have to be any major fucking. Just taking it slow. Really, it made him giddy.

He pulled his polo over his head then and got down to his briefs. He guessed the next best thing would be to dream about him. Leave it unrequited. So he switched off his lamp and got in bed then.


Cait said...

Jamie is quite different, but I do like him..just the same.

e.l. said...

Funny about the "touch" iPod. Maxie. made me smile.

elliestories said...

I dunno....Maxie and Jamie. All those obstacles though. Dang.

past the point said...

But I like Jamie. & I like Maxie too.

taffy. said...

mm, jamie is so fascinating.