Monday, July 6, 2009

twist and turns

Frannie did her best to ignore Rhys when she saw him. Really, she hadn't planned on seeing him at all when she joined Katy and Maxie for dinner.

He couldn't take his eyes off her, and what hurt more was that she couldn't help but stare at him. How long had it been since they'd last spoken? She knew she needed to keep her distance. It was best for everyone. Best not to acknowledge each other. And now she thought she was choking on air. She couldn't breathe as she watched him.

He helped Sasha with the things she was taking to Josh's. "I'm going with her. She shouldn't be alone. Not in her condition."

Frannie almost smiled when she heard him say those words. Really, she never expected Rhys to be so caring. She envied Sasha without wanting to. She was married. Something Frannie wasn't. But it had never really been a big deal. Not really. And yet when she listened to Katy's wedding coming up, she felt so left out.

Finally, Rhys left with Sasha. Frannie would have spoken to Sasha if it had just been her but since Rhys was there, she just couldn't.

"Really, its not that big of occasion," Katy went on to tell Frannie about the upcoming nuptials. "Its just for us and our friends."

"Who'll be best man?" Frannie looked at Maxie who was serving them quiche.

"Simon, of course." Maxie grinned.

"What about Ian?" Katy then looked at him.

"I think he might be out of the country for all I know, luv." Maxie just shrugged. "Can't hold up our wedding for him, now can we?"

Frannie smiled at the both of them. "I'm sure he'll try to come. I could speak to Cecil about it. He'd make sure of it."

"He'll be busy. I wouldn't want to burden him nor Cecil. We can have the wedding without him." Maxie looked at her then.

"I'm beginning to think you and Ian had a falling out?" Katy scowled then.

"We're fine. Really." Maxie sucked in a breath and went to get more strawberries. "Did I mention about the strawberry short cake."

Frannie hadn't meant to put a damper on things. Really, the meal was quite lovely, and she really wanted it to stay that way.


autumn said...

I feel sorry for myself for not able to keep up. But I hope I can do now. I missed reading your stories.

past the point said...

I sense Frannie might not be as happy as she says she it..and to stir up for Maxie and could she?

blue hearts said...

It makes me wonder if Maxie still wants Ian.

ellie said...

You just can't stay mad at Maxie.