Monday, July 27, 2009

thread by thread

"If I told you something, you have to keep it confidential." Fletch told Lauren at the after-party at the festival.

"What, that Gemma has it bad for Ian?" Lauren smirked. "Doesn't everyone know?"

"I don't think Ian gets it." Fletch brought Lauren a beer in a plastic cup. The sausages there were just too disgusting to choke down. "I don't think he cares, because... well, I don't think he's going for that type, anymore."

"You mean, the desperate kind?" Lauren smiled.

"No, I don't think he's into the female persuasion anymore." Fletch sipped his beer.

"Really?" Lauren squinted. "Seriously?"

"Um, what if I told you I saw him with someone, and it was just a bit um, unexpected." Fletch smiled.


"You can't tell anyone. I'm still in shock about it. Like it couldn't be. But it was." Fletch shrugged.

"Who?" Lauren wanted to know.


"Maxie?" Lauren squinted hard. "Are you kidding me?"

"He was in Ian's room at the Oaks. They played it off as it was nothing, but I dunno. Ian looked at him so differently. It was strange."

"You think they are still seeing each other?" Lauren drank at her beer then as they watched people laugh and dance about.

"No. They've had a falling out. Just as well, don't you think? Maxie really needs to be Katy, right now. She is having his child." Fletch told her.

Lauren looked up and saw Gemma walking past with the Japanese rocker, Shou.

"You think she even stands a chance with him?" Lauren giggled.

"Not really," Fletch shook his head.

"Pity." Lauren said. "Maybe she would be in a better mood if she shagged someone."

"Well, it won't be him. He's really into the unshaven earthy male crowd which is sort of Ian's signature these days, you know." Fletch passed on the information.

"Does she know that?" Lauren finished her beer and pitched the cup in a nearby trash barrel.

"Doubtful." Fletch finished his beer and tossed it in the barrel too.

"Come along," Lauren grabbed his hand. It was time for some very close dancing. That's what everyone else was doing.

Gemma at the party


e.l. said...

Interesting what Fletch knows.

cait said...

oh so interesting to know!

e.l. said...

Thanks for the note. I think its funny that Gemma doesn't know this about Shou.