Friday, July 17, 2009

tagging a long

Fletch really didn't know what to make of Gemma, but it was apparent that she still had feelings for Ian even if she was rash with her bitterness.

"I really wish I could help you with Gemma, but I have my hands full with Lauren." Fletch told him as they were setting up camp at the festival.

"That's quite all right, I know you're in love and well, this should be a fine time to do all those things lovers do. Never mind me. I'll manage. Even with the drama queen. She hates everything. I swear she's Kelsy, sometimes."

"You were never with Kelsy, were you?" Fletch asked.

"No, I wasn't." Ian looked pleased that he never had that exeperience.

"I'd tell you, she's a bit of a pussycat, but well, Kelsy was going through something then, and I'm not sure she ever remembers me much. Doubtful. I've put it out of me misery, now. To tell you the truth.'

"Well, you are past her now." Ian nodded, getting their equipment together to go on stage for a sound check.

"Are you past anyone, Ian?" Fletch asked him point blank. Wondering if he still thought of Sasha and wished they were still together.

"Of course."

"Lauren tells me Sash is in labor."

Ian nodded, not saying much about it. Fletch watched Ian then wondering if he'd said the wrong thing. He wished Gemma would come around and be the mate Ian needed.


e.l. said...

Love the new header. I do wonder how Ian feels about Sasha having her baby.

past the point said...

I do like the header. Cool. Oh..and if Ian could ever hook up with somebody he can trust.

cait said...

Sasha in labor. Oh boy! Hope Ian can handle it.