Tuesday, July 21, 2009

a right of passage

"I was really really scared, you know, when.. when the umbilical cord was wrapped so tightly around her neck. I didn't know what to think." Rhys was practically in tears about it. He had the baby in his arms.

Frannie didn't know what to say. She took a look at her.

"Amazing," she said as if she was a nurse checking up on them. "She's perfect."

"Yeah, I don't know how I can ever thank those doctors," Rhys smile. "Loads, of course."

"She's beautiful." Frannie kept wanting to have a good look at her. Hoping to find a sign of her brother, but she didn't. The baby was all Sasha. "What will you name her?"

"Risa, I think." Rhys took a hold of the infant as if he'd found some new found glory, and he needed to know it, intensely.

"Risa, why?"

"I dunno." Rhys smiled. "You think its too much like my name, don't you? Is that bad?"

"No." Frannie smiled. She'd never seen him so innocent before. It was refreshing. Honestly, she liked this side of him. She had to let him be. This was his first few moments of childhood. "Its very sweet. I like it." She nodded.

"Have you fed her?" Frannie saw she was very content sucking on her fist.

"I'm pretty sure Sash would have my skin. It wouldn't be natural, otherwise, if she didn't have the first go." Rhys looked up at Frannie.


Frannie understood.

"Well, tell her she's in my thoughts. Hope she has a quick recovery from the surgery." Frannie sighed. She felt quite happy for her and yet it waned in to sadness. Frannie couldn't help it. After all, she'd hoped Sasha would have had her brother's baby. She guessed it would never happen now.

Simon and Josh ready for home




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e.l. said...

That was so sweet. I like the name. & I think maybe he's gotten wiser. I hope.

blue hearts said...

I think he could be a good dad.

past the point said...

Sounds like Rhys is glad he's a dad. cool name, too.

Maxie n Tony said...

Really, think Maxie needs to decide..but Jamie. Not sure what a reliable mate he'd be considering his past.