Wednesday, July 29, 2009


Frannie was in deep thought. She wanted to put it out of her mind, but it came back to the fact that Rhys had a daughter with Sasha. She wondered how he'd feel when he had a son. She was carrying his son.

She was swept with emotion, and she knew it was due to the hormonal instinct.

There was a part of her that yearned for a daughter. But she had to remember she was happy with whatever happened. She had to be. It was a must because if things fell through with Cecil, and she was on her own again...well, she was the one who would have to love this child no matter what. And it angered her now that she resented the notion of not wanting it because it was Rhys.
"What is on your mind?" Cecil noticed. She was suppose to be peeling potatoes for supper. He took a fat one next to the one she had in her hand that she hadn't even peeled. He started peeling the potato.

"Its nothing." She sighed, almost in tears.

"I think dinner is a bit too much for you these days. With work and all. I can do it. You should rest." He coaxed her to sit down, and he took over the meal.

"I feel so useless." She told him.

"Useless? Now when did you start thinking this?" He wanted to know.

She just shrugged and melted into tears.

"It won't be long, you know, you'll have a new little baby to stay home with." He smiled as if he could hardly wait.

Frannie didn't want to hear it. She cried harder. Suddenly, a sharp pain raced up the small of her back. Frannie blinked. And shot a look at Cecil.

"What is it?" He'd just peeled the potatoes and was cutting them up into a pot. Nico was in the kitchen floor building something out of blocks.

"I'm not sure." She looked at him sadly with her hands on her back. "Maybe I need to go to the bathroom." It couldn't be happening? Could it? She was suppose to know. After all, she'd had a baby before. She knew what to expect. Didn't she? Strange how she'd forgot.

First she'd have to get up. She could hardly move from the chair. It was such a slow go. Frannie couldn't understand it. Slowly she rose from the chair. It was then a gush of water took over her and she was in a flood of something at her bare-feet.

"Oh, no." She whimpered.

Cecil was on the phone with the medics. He'd already grabbed up Nico before he could even get in the mess on the floor.

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e.l. said...

I'm glad Cecil was there when it happened.

Meg said...

It's really good she wasn't alone!

fan fic said...

I do feel for Franny. I know she's a great Mom.

Cait said...

oh wow..that would have been shocking..but I'm glad Cecil was around when it happened.