Tuesday, July 28, 2009

on top

"You think it horrible, don't you?" Jamie didn't care what answer Maxie gave him. He believed it true. It felt terrible to be in his shoes. One lie after another. And then the biggest lie of all. Louie telling Sebastian that Jamie was his father. He had to explain it someone. And it was Maxie he had to confide in.

At least they had some privacy in the addict, practically empty. It could be an apartment on its own. Jamie looked around. The floors were a natural hard wood. There was a place for a huge livingroom and space enough for two private rooms. A full bathroom as well.

"I never said that," Maxie sighed.

"I can't tell him I'm not who he wants me to be." Jamie fidgeted a little. He hadn't felt this restless in a very long time. Maxie caught him by the hand and brought him back to the reason why they were here. To be together.

"It'll be fine." Maxie just nodded.

Jamie smiled and kissed Maxie then. It took the edge off to know this moment was there's. Instead of all those worries down below that seemed to plague him even more daily.

"I'm not sure I can take much more of this," Jamie confided in Maxie. "What if I have a breakdown of some kind?" His eyes lit and he thought he might go mad.

"You won't have a breakdown." Maxie told him. "Look, I brought you up here for a reason."

"What? I thought you wanted to fuck?" Jamie squinted.

"I thought you might feel more comfortable if you and Sebastian had your own place." Maxie smiled.

"Seriously, our own place?" Jamie laughed as if he liked the idea. He Frenched Maxie then, pushing him up against the wall. "Its not like we have to move up here today, right?"

"No, I was thinking you might want your own kitchen. That might take some doing." Maxie nodded.

"Yes, some doing," Jamie gave him an impish smile. They kissed more. He loved being with Maxie, but it scared him that he was thinking of him more than just having sex with him.

Gemma isn't completely honest


maxxie n tony said...

Jamie might actually be in love. I hope.

cait said...

oh no...hmmmm those 2 better cool it.

e.l. said...

Jamie always has one thing on his mind. hmmm..is it just Maxie..or something else??? that's cool about the apartment though.