Wednesday, July 15, 2009

on the bus

Lauren couldn't quite believe it. She and Fletch were in bed on the bus.

"Are you sure its safe?" Lauren was a bit reluctant to sleep on a moving bus.

"Safety now concerns you?" Fletch was all smiles now as if he really had other things on his mind. He'd kissed away anymore questions. He really had the remedy for Lauren to let any concerns vanish from her. And she had let him.

He really was a funny bloke. Lauren supposed she was thankful for all the intimacy details he was rather talented in. And yet she was concerned that he thought all she wanted from him was just one thing. Oral sex.

"Do we have to bring this up now?" His head was deep under the covers as he rested his chin in a rather complicated place.

"Yes, why not." She put her head under the covers. "Come up here and talk to me."

"What? You don't like it?" She felt his head on her belly then her chest, and he was next to her in the dark.

"Yes, but-"

"But what?" He whispered in her ear.

"I dunno, I think you think I expect it of you." She didn't know how else to explain it.

"Well, you aren't exactly taking, you know, a prescription for protection or anything, in case-" He cleared his throat then. "Anyway, I wouldn't want you to." He kissed her cheek then. "You might taste differently."

Lauren scowled only he didn't see it, and yet she could feel his grin on her face.

"You just make me want you more." she told him. Although, she didn't want to boast he was the best lover she ever had. "Come on, I have to have you now." And she got on top as if she could be that way the rest of the night. It wasn't clumsy in the least and really it was quite fun in a moving bus.

But now as daylight was stunning her eyes. The aftermath was a bit to be desired. There limbs inter-tangled. She was hot. They needed a shower. Honestly, she needed to find her clothes. Why had they ever left the windows down? She guess the place would have been rich with the stench of sex if they hadn't.

And she noticed. Everything was still now. The bus was not moving. What had happened?


ellie said...

very intersting..quite interesting.

past the point said...

you so naughty..but I loved it!

Isabel said...

Thanks for the comment on my blog - it totally made my day!

sid and violet said...

quite an interesting situation.

Cait said...

I'm sure they are lost in each other.

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Summer said...


Summer said...

hey, not really. :D its with your post :D kind of interesting. i really admire for being able to write a blognovel like this :D

as soon as I resigned next year, i'll focus on writing, too :D

Meg said...

Interesting situation indeed!