Friday, July 10, 2009

no place to go

Anita could hardly believe that Lauren had left the place to her. It was in the basement of the Oaks boarding house, with just a little window of light, but still it was like a sweet oasis to her. No, nosey mother nor sister to tell her what to do. And Theresa could come. It would be lovely. Just the two of them. Alone. No disruptions.

All right, so maybe Theresa would say it wasn't romantic enough. She complained, some times. Not all the time, but some times. Anita expected it. But she said she'd be there. She would come, and it would be there time. Anita could hardly wait.

But when Theresa arrived, Anita could tell Theresa was going out. This was just a pit-stop.

"I said I'd pop in, didn't I?" She was all smiles.

"But I thought you and I-" Anita wanted to talk.

All Theresa wanted was to make out. Quickly too. They got to the bed right away, and she let Theresa have her way because well, it was what she'd been waiting for all this time. Theresa hated to talk, anyway. So they didn't.

Anita laid back as if this was the absolute. This was Divine. She was with Theresa. And it didn't matter how many nights she'd had to baby Theresa from all the bruises and tears, here she was in Theresa's hands. She knew exactly what to do. All Anita needed to do was wait for it.

Twenty minutes later, Theresa was finished up. Quick as lightening. It felt to Anita. In fact, she was a little woozy.

"I have to see Archie." Theresa got dressed.

"But, you're kidding me, aren't you?" Anita winced, rising up on her elbows.

"No, I'm not. I promised I'd meet him at the Black Cat. I have too." Theresa shrugged.

"Are you charging him?" Anita bit her bottom lip wondering who Theresa was exactly. She could be so soft and vulnerable and then turn into this. Slapper.

"Not exactly, but I promise I'll share if it all goes well." She smiled ever so innocently.

"It never goes that well and you know it." Anita fell back on her pillow as if Theresa had somehow knocked her unconscious.

"He won big, you know, and I want my share." She came over and whispered in Anita's ear. "After all, I'm the one who gave him the confidence."

"Are you saying you're a muse of some sort? To that gambler?" Anita made a face.

"A muse?" Theresa smiled with delight. "I could fancy it. Why didn't I think of it?"

"Because you're brain dead, evidently." Anita was not impressed. She'd been so amazed one second of all that Theresa could do with her tongue in places Anita as of yet wasn't sure where exactly were located on her body, and now Theresa had left Anita in an ache of some sort that made her quite miserable.

"Oh, stop it. I'll be back. You'll see." She Frenched Anita then. "Wish me luck."

"I don't want to wish you luck," Anita scowled.

"I'll be back. We'll spend the best part of the night together, you know." She slipped on her sharp stilettos so she was a good four inches taller.

"That'll be the wee hours of morning, I have you know." Anita was sullen.

Theresa left and all was quiet except for all of Anita's soft tears that had no place to go but her pillow.


e.l. said...

teresa doesnt' sound like the best girlfriend.

sid and violet said...

That Theresa gets around.

blue hearts said...

Theresa thinks pretty highly of herself..I think.