Friday, July 31, 2009

names and such

Katy let Maxie do the real hard work at Cecil and Frannie's. Cleaning the kitchen floor.

She had a basket of sweets that of course Maxie had baked. But she'd brought fresh flowers from the garden as well to make the place a happy home. They had Nico with them along with Tristan who were off discovering toys as if it were Christmas in living- room.

"What on earth came over Cecil to name the kid, Byron?" Katy was in total disgust about the name.

"It seems he has a thing for the works of Lord Byron." Maxie told her as he moped.

"That's just old school." Katy kept snarling as she was folding laundry she'd done for them that was being put in a basket in the living-room. "I want something modern for our little one."

"Old names are great, though." Maxie reminded her.

"We could name it Jamie." Katy smiled then as if it were a great idea.

"Jamie?" Maxie winced. "Why on earth would we name our kid, Jamie?"

"Because." She shrugged. "I want to name our child after him."

"OK." Maxie sounded indifferent but was quiet then as he finished up.

"Why would you dis it so? You're very good friends with him." Katy looked at Maxie then.

"Yes, quite so." He sighed. "Lets think on this a bit more, shall we? We have months, in fact."

Katy just nodded.

"I'm still in shock how fast Frannie popped that one out. Wasn't it born a few minutes on the way before they ever made it to the hospital." Katy remembered then about Frannie's baby.

"Well, all is fine. She hardly got the bracelets on and now they're on the way home. Quick and easy." Maxie smiled.

"There is nothing ever quick and easy about it." Katy looked at him with a frown. "I was in labor for quite a while with Tristan."

"Really?" Maxie came over to help with the laundry then. "You've never mentioned it."

"I was very alone. I hadn't seen a doctor once when I was pregnant with him. I was really hoping it would go away on its own." She sounded so sad.

"This time, it won't be a thing like that." Maxie promised her, putting his arms around her as his hands touched her burgeoning belly. "It will be a happy occasion." He kissed her on the cheek and she smiled.

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e.l. said...

If Katy on knew about Jamie and Maxie. This would be quite different.

Anonymous said...

I agree with Ellie, things would be different.

blue hearts said...

I'm not sure if Jamie is the right name or not. I do hope she had a good experience.

cait said...

Katy needs to stop adoring Jamie.

sid and violet said...

Maxie better stay with Katy through this.