Saturday, July 11, 2009

its in the air

Katy was doing her best to be congenial with Frannie. But Tristan was getting tired. So was Nico.

"Should they sleep together?" Katy looked at Frannie as if perhaps it would be childhood traumatic experience if it happened. "Well, you are the nurse?"

"I slept with my brother til I was fifteen," she winced.

"Really?" Katy thought that odd.

"Everything is a might tight in apartment living where I'm from." Frannie told her.

Now Katy felt rather privileged and hadn't meant to come off so selfish.

"Then I guess it would be all right to put them down in the crib then. If you want." Katy shrugged. Tristan was already asleep on her shoulder and Nico could barely keep his eyes open.

They set out down the hall to put the boys to bed. It was all so quiet and just as they were about to close the door on the sleep heads a ruckus broke out. It was Jamie coming through the house buttoning up his shirt.

"Why are you in such a hurry?" Katy caught him in the hall.

"Its Sash," He said. "Rhys just called. Looks like the baby might be on the way."

"What are you doing?" Katy looked at him as if he was the one who was the father of Sasha's baby instead of Rhys. He was in such a hurried state.

"I'm on my way over to Simon and Josh's. She wants me to be there." He shrugged.


"She's pregnant," Jamie smiled. "I guess I'll keep her company if nothing else." And with that he left.

"You think he'll deliver it?" Frannie asked.

"I dunno. Anything is possible with Jamie." Katy looked up and saw Maxie then who was coming out of the kitchen with cups of warm milk.

"This should calm you too down," Maxie said. "Just one more thing to wait up for, I guess. See if Sash's baby gets here."

"I can't believe she's having it already." Frannie squinted.

"Lets hope its not contagious," Katy smiled. "You might be next."


blue hearts said...

wow..I had no idea about Frannie and her brother being so close..Then Jamie on a whirlwind of sorts. very interesting.

ellie said...

Some funny conversations..oh, and I'm glad Nico and Tristan can play together.

cait said...

I liked this one.