Tuesday, July 7, 2009

in the dark

Maxie didn't know what to do with himself. He knew he wouldn't have any text messages from anyone. Simon certainly wouldn't on his flight to France, and there was no point thinking Ian might even be thinking of him. Especially, after he saw him kissing Jamie. Wouldn't that be enough to send Maxie back to Katy? Open arms and all.

He needed a cigarette now while Frannie hung out with Katy and the babies. He couldn't intrude on that. And he really didn't want to go back to the kitchen so he sat out in the lover's bench by the fish pond.

It probably needed to be cleaned out before the wedding. He could barely see the big gold fish in it.

Honestly, the loss of Ian was much more sad than he ever antispated, and Katy bringing him up just made this awful. He hated himself for losing himself with Ian, and yet sometimes he felt that was the best part of himself. Letting himself be free with Ian.

Maxie closed his eyes wanting to stop thinking about him.

"Whatcha doing? Out here, all by your lonesome?" It was Jamie. The last person Maxie expected to see in the twilight of the night.

"Nothing." He took a puff off his cigarette and let it ash on the grass.

"Mind if I have drag?" Jamie set down by Maxie who hesitated bit, but let him. He knew Katy thought so much of him. Even Sasha adored him. He hadn't a clue what the big deal was.

"So what's on your mind?" Jamie smiled.

Maxie found himself just smiling.

"Why don't you tell me?" Maxie shrugged.

"You make Ian think of that American starlette." Jamie squinted with a laugh. Before Maxie knew it Jamie was taking another drag off his cigarette.


"You know, that blond. Christina, um, Christina Applegate." His knee knocked into Maxie's then.

"That's so funny," Maxie sighed. He didn't laugh. He took a drag from the cigarette.

"Its hilarious. She's his secret crush." Jamie just laughed and nudged into Jamie's side.

"Whatever." Maxie looked at him blankly. "So, what do you think will happen to Ian?"

"He's lonely, but thats nothing new for him."

Maxie felt as if he'd been stabbed in the heart then and was slowly letting Ian bleed out of him. He didn't like it. He closed his eyes then and felt Jamie's hand come around his shoulder, pulling him in. His fingers in his hair. And then Jamie kissed him as if this was something they always did on the lover's bench this time of day.

Maxie had never kissed any other guy before. Just Ian. Maxie tossed his cigarette. Jamie kept going. Kissing his neck. His mouth. Such deep and genuine kisses. "Do you feel better now?" Jamie breathed into his ear sending a shiver down Maxie's spine. "You know you'll always be the housewife, and a good one at that..." Jamie whispered again with a smile.

It was completely dark in the night then. Jamie let go and in the stillness he was gone. As if he'd never been there.

Maxie looked up at the stars. He felt so cold now. He couldn't stop shivering.


ellie said...

hahaaa..that was interesting Christina Applegate. wild stuff.

past the point said...

woo..Jamie is something and Maxie is a bit puzzling about his feelings. That was irry about him sayint to Maxie "housewife.." hmmmm.

taffy. said...


i like him.

Winnie said...

Hope Maxie figures himself out!

fan fic said...

jamie is so sly..for sure.