Saturday, July 25, 2009


"What do you mean? I can't speak with her?" Lauren was disgusted with Rhys. She was ready to throw her cell out the bus window. Perhaps it was the fatigue of the festival or just the music its self. She had no patience's with him.

"She's nursing right now. I'd hate for her to drop the cell on the baby." Rhys informed her.

"But I want to speak to her!" Lauren was cross. He said she'd call her back. Soon. She supposed she had to wait.

"I'm an Aunt and I wasn't even there to be a part of the baby's birth." She swelled up a frown.

"Don't be so hard on yourself." Fletch told her trying his best to cuddle when she wouldn't let him.

"I want to go home." She fretted.

"Don't say that, luv, we just got through our first gig." Fletch looked at her.

"I hate it. I do." She sighed.

"What would you be doing if you were there with Sash?"

"Dunno. I could at least see it. Hold it. I don't even know the baby's name." She scowled.

"That's not your fault." Fletch shook his head. "I'm sure Sasha needs her rest."

"And I could be there taking care of her." Lauren knew.

"But she has Rhys and he seems to be up for it, you know. Just give them some time." Fletch assured her.

Just then her cell rang. She saw the picture of Sasha and the baby then. Lauren couldn't help but smile.

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ellie said...

I'm glad she's got Fletch to talk too.

blue hearts said... acting the sister part for sure.