Thursday, July 9, 2009

the fun of it

Leia was making Rhys so tired he thought he might fall asleep on her while she was brushing his hair.

"I find you rather dangerous, you know that?" He told her.

She giggled. She'd left yellow and purple berrets in his hair. Sasha came down the stairs holding baby Liam. She laughed when she saw all the little pony tails in Rhys' hair.

"It can't be that funny?" Rhys winced.

"Oh, but it is?" Sasha smiled sitting down with Liam. Naturally, Leia went right away to look at the infant.

"I love my baby brother." Leia assured Sasha.

"He's sweet isn't he."

"Sometimes stinky." She nodded.

"Well, he's a baby," Sasha smiled and then whispered. "Sometimes, Rhys is stinky too."

"Hey!" He looked at her then.

Sasha cracked up laughing then.

"What's your baby's name?" Leia wanted to know as she got close to Sasha's stomach.

"Dunno yet." She told Leia and looked back at Rhys.

"We are going to name her Christina Daisy Barcelona Georgia." Rhys smirked. Naturally, Leia made a face then.

"What if its not a girl?"

"Greggory Pooh Beans." Rhys told her.

That made Leia laugh. "Pooh Beans."

Rhys looked at the clock and told her it was bedtime. He read a Fancy Nancy story to her and she was out before he knew it. But he left her pink night light on because Newt instructed them to do so.

"What are we going to name our kid?" Sasha looked at Rhys.

"Its up to you." He told her, and she put a sleeping Liam in his arms then.

"No, no, I going to need your help." She shook her head.

He looked at Liam's dark tuffs of hair.

"I bet Newt hadn't a clue what to name him until he saw him." Rhys told her. "That's what we should do."

He looked over at Sasha who looked to be in pain. Rhys looked at her wide eyed. Suddenly, this wasn't fun and games anymore.


ellie said...

Rhys was cute with Leia.

Oh boy..sounds like a trip to the hospital.

Cait said...

I loved that Rhys played with Leia. He seems softer, somehow.

Winnie said...

Rhys seems like he is good with kids.