Sunday, July 12, 2009

could it be magic

Maxie was sure Katy wouldn't get any sleep, worried about Sasha.

Finally Cecil came to take Frannie and Nico home. It was good to be in bed with Katy. He kept the whole incident with Jamie out of his head. The only thing that worried him was the memorable phrase Jamie had used. "..always the housewife, and a good one too."

He didn't want to hear it. But it was true. Very true.

"You will go to sleep, won't you?" It was way after midnight now. He sat in bed with Katy, cuddling.

"You probably won't." She looked at him.

"I would if you let me." Maxie smiled, kissing her forehead.

"Do you think Jamie would deliver her child?" Katy looked concerned.

"Why? Are you setting up an appointment wishing he'd be there for our baby's arrival?" Maxie smirked.

"What if he uses magic?" Katy said out of the blue.

"Magic?" Now that made Maxie laugh. "Are you serious?"

"You think I think this stuff because I'm pregnant, don't you?" She hugged herself then.

"Nonscense." He touched her stomach then wondering how the baby reacted to this. True, it was just a slight baby bump, but it fascinated him just the same.

"There is something odd about Jamie." She nodded. "But I won't say its bad. I think he has a gift of some sort. We should appreciate him."

"Appreciate him?" Maxie thought that might be a bit much. "He eats our food, pays us rent and we do his laundry. I think we're appreciating him enough, luv."

"He's Tristan's uncle, you know." She sighed.

"Yes, he is. And would you like it better if he's there when Colin comes to visit Tristan?" Maxie was reluctant to bring it up, but Colin really wanted to see Tristan again.

"Perhaps." Colin was still off limits to her.

"Well, then, its settled. Maybe when we wake up we'll find out if Sash had her baby then." Maxie sounded as if it would be a happy day if Katy would let it.

He kissed her sweetly then as he left his hand on her stomach to assure it that he wasn't going anywhere. He turned off the light. They spooned then. Finally, he felt as if he were home. Where he belonged. Because they were a family.


e.l. said...

They are sweet together. Really wonder about Jamie's magic.

Malena said...

Clockwork Orange the musical is definitely something I would go see.

I like your blog, I didn't go back and read everything but I read this post and I like your style, the conversations seem very real.

Meg said...

The end was very sweet.

Cait said...

Oh..I hope things go ok for them.

Summer said...

oh i missed this episode!