Sunday, July 19, 2009

bloody screams

Rhys was beginning to think those were screams of passion that Sasha just wouldn't give up.

"Can't you do anything?" He asked the nurse who'd have to ask the doctor. Honestly, he wanted to fall apart. He thought he would. It wasn't fair. She'd squeezed his fingers til they were blue and then all she wanted to do was French him until the next pain came along. "I've had enough." His hair was about on ends and not even his mother could do much in all the lengthy hours they'd put in on this.

How long could this go on?

"Her water broke." The nurse informed him.

"It won't be long now." Rhys assumed with a smile. "Please, Sash, don't let it be long now."


"You have to let it happen." Rhys nodded as if he needed a beer or two. She'd neglected to let him have a drink of something to get through this. As it was, he'd thrown up a while ago because really he wasn't sure what else to do. Unless praying counted. He prayed this would be over soon. Didn't she want it to be over soon? He was beginning to think she didn't.

Yet, he knew his mother was proud of him. He was going the distance, or so she said. It meant nothing to him. He was in a dense fog here only to her screams waking him every few minutes.

"I want to help you," Rhys told her wishing he could go and pull that babe out with his hands. but he stayed put just holding her hand, back breaking, tired legs. He could have gone to sleep if she'd let him.

"But you are. You really really are." She was so convinced.

"Let them help you. Lets get on with it," Rhys teeth nashed wishing he could have that baby himself. It would have been here hours ago.

Newt & Alfie


e.l. said...

Poor Rhys. Poor Sasha. Very intense.

sid and violet said...

Giving birth can take a very long time. I'm glad Rhys is there for it, though.

cait said...

I do feel for Sasha and what she's going through. Hope the baby comes soon.